Sunday, August 02, 2009

Week 110 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8) - Week 109: 136 (-1.4)
Week 110: 133 (-3)
Total loss (since starting a low-fat diet): -21
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -73

Body fat on Tanita scale:
Year start: 25.9%
Last month: 25.4%
This month: 25.7%

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1207
Fat: 24g (19%)
Carbs: 65g (24%)
Protein: 121g (43%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1596
Fat: 29g (18%)
Carbs: 90g (25%)
Protein: 134g (36%)

Weight Thursday morning: 128.6
Weight Friday morning: 128
Weight Saturday morning: 131.4
Weight this morning: 133

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 277
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 172
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 38
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

I really thought I'd see a big rebound because I ate horrible on Saturday - really, really bad. I think my weight dropped because I'm dehydrated from alcohol and expect it to go up tomorrow instead of down. :-p

Friday was rough. My sister called me and asked me to find a flight to come to Oregon to help clean out Dad's house at the end of this month. It has now evolved to me flying up to Seattle and then driving down through two states with her, clean stuff out, and drive back up to Seattle to fly south back home. WAY out of my way.

Between this and Brad not showing up on Friday until 10 pm when I wanted to go to bed, I ended up having an emotional meltdown Friday night. I woke up Saturday morning feeling emotionally drained. I was depressed and self-medicated with carbs and wine. Today I feel even worse because I'm hungover. Carbs increase serotonin in brain and I know I was depressed and trying to self-medicate.

I stuffed myself with vegetarian chili with cheese yesterday at the church potluck. In the afternoon Brad and I went to a jewelers at a little shopping center, but they were closed. We went to the Safeway there to get a diet energy drink. They had samples of lemon cake and spice muffins sitting out, so I took one of each to try. They were delicious!

Then we went to Alameda Towne Center, ran some errands (Trader Joe's and Safeway), and had drinks at Applebee's. Then we went to Tuttimelon on Park St. for frozen yogurt. I had a small chocolate frozen yogurt with granola topping and then had another frozen yogurt - a small plain with mini M&Ms topping. I was a carb maniac! The two yogurts together (not counting toppings!) had about 50g of carbs. The toppings were pure carbs, plus some fat in the M&Ms. Yikes! At least the frozen yogurt is fat-free and not too bad calorie-wise.

When I got home I drank more than one bottle of wine all on my own, had some snacks, and then had Brad make me a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches with the low-carb bread and fat-free cheese before falling asleep without brushing my teeth and with the sugar-free jelly sitting open on the counter and a piece of bread in the toaster!

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