Thursday, August 20, 2009

La Vida Loca!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1269
Fat: 22g (16%)
Carbs: 100g (33%)
Protein: 125g (39%)
Weight this morning: 129
Calories burned in exercise today: 292

Crazy day. Exercise was just a buttload of walking. I switched out my old pedometer last night for a new one (same exact kind). The new one counts so much better! Who knew a pedometer could simply wear out?

Last night I went to get my rolling cart from the closet to get ready for the laundry today. I opened it and one of the wheels fell off! I looked at the wheel shaft and the metal is ripped completely away! The cart wasn't going anywhere except the garbage. I used my Pullman backpack and a garbage bag to get my clothes to the laundromat and back. :-p I don't know how I will handle groceries tomorrow.

After putting the clothes away and having some egg whites I went to Walgreens and spoke with the manager about my card. The person she needed to call at TransLink was on her lunch break. She said she would get back to me and I left the card there. They should be able to take my leftover bus pass money and turn it into regular cash so I can pay by ride. We'll see. But the next time I get my commuter checks I am buying paper tickets!

I continued down to BART, and then walked from my stop into work, stopping at WalMart for more Diet Coke. I took time out at both Walgreens and WalMart to compare prices on both Nature-Thyroid (similar to Armour with both T3 and T4) and Cytomel (a T3 only med).

I'm seeing my doctor tomorrow. I think I will ask him for a script for "dessicated thyroid" (that way I can get any available brand), and also Cytomel. That way if I run out of my meds I can at least pay for Cytomel. It's quite expensive but if I run out of options I want to be able to get my T3 in some form until Armour or Nature-Thyroid is back on the market.

I'm also going to ask the doctor to raise my dessicated thyroid to 3 grains (180-195mg, depending on brand), and to let me add some levothyroxine to the mix since my T4 levels have dropped on the Armour. I need to check my other prescriptions and see if I need new scripts on any of them.

It's been a year on this crazy thyroid journey and I'm still no closer to getting my levels where they should be. :(

My sister's in town this weekend. She's not planning on seeing me since I'll be flying to Seattle next weekend to see her and help clean out the properties in Oregon. I leave Thursday afternoon. I'll get to see Dad Thursday night. That will be good. :)

Brad is taking the bus up to take possession of the van, then we will drive back to California together late Sunday. I won't be updating my blog during that time, but I plan to post updates to my Facebook page. I have my page set to public, so if you have a Facebook account you should be able to see my updates. Facebook profile

Tomorrow I plan to buy groceries and prep salads for the coming week. I'll buy and cook chicken if it's on sale.

This Saturday Brad and I have to attend our twice annual church business meeting after worship. I'm the clerk and have to be there. Now that I have a laptop I just type the minutes as we go along instead of taking notes by hand. :) These meetings typically go about three hours so there goes the afternoon. I expect we'll get home around 7. We'll have dinner in since we are both broke. We can do hot dogs or a shrimp and veggie stir fry.

Mom has my tickets booked for the Florida trip in November/December! :) I don't have the exact days and times yet, but I know I am leaving the day after Thanksgiving and I'll be gone about a week. It will be good to see Mom and her husband. I miss Mom.

I'll weigh-in on Sunday. No weigh-in the week after that since I won't be here and won't be able to eat healthy during that time.

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