Sunday, August 16, 2009

No weigh-in

I binged Wednesday and Thursday last week. I fasted for 24 hours on Friday, but did wake up in the early a.m. hours and had some food. The numbers below don't reflect my 12:30 a.m. meal. It had been more than 24 hours without eating and I was too hungry to go back to sleep. However, I didn't eat any breakfast Saturday morning until I got to church.

Calories eaten Friday: 480
Fat: 4g (8%)
Carbs: 23 (19%)
Protein: 6g (4%)

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 184
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 237
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 306
Calories burned in exercise today: 293
(I did some walking every single day.)

After binging for two days straight and gaining 10 lbs. there was no way I was weighing myself this morning. I fasted Friday but ate way too much on Saturday. I'm hoping to fast for most of today to make up for eating so much for three out of the last four days.

Friday I went grocery shopping and then walked down to Walgreens to pick up a month's worth of the old Armour tablets. They tried to tell me they didn't have any Armour; I insisted they did and waited while they filled it. I tested it in Saturday and it is the old Armour. The tablets has a distinctly sweet taste when I bit into them. They only had the 60mg pills so they gave me 60 tablets and I'll take two a day. I'll use up the Armour I have first and use the newer only if I have to (I probably will).

Saturday after church Brad and I went to the pet food store up the street for some of the healthy but expensive cat food they carry. Then we walked all the way to Alameda Towne Center. We had happy hour drinks at Zeytini.

We were fighting part of the way there and during drinks. I finally got upset and told him and I wanted to be alone. I had told him earlier but he finally listened. I walked part of the way back home, decided maybe dinner at Applebee's would be nice, but never made it because the bus just didn't come and it was getting late. I decided to head back home and eat there.

Brad had left me a message saying he wouldn't be saying at my apartment that night, but later decided he was too tired to travel to Concord. We ended up on the same bus home. I mostly ignored him and stuffed myself with mostly healthy food when we arrived home; I ate well beyond when I was full. *sigh* Brad was too upset to eat anything and I didn't offer.

Today we walked from my apartment to work - I need the exercise. I'm fasting part of today, but Brad was hungry (no dinner last night and no breakfast this morning) so we stopped at KFC on the way into work. I let him eat (I didn't even have one bite since that would break my fast), but I asked him to buy me a large Diet Coke and then engrossed myself in Solitaire on my iPod to avoid watching him eat.

Tomorrow I hope to hit the gym and I'll report how long my fast lasted. I do plan on eating today; I just haven't done so yet. I had a cup of sugar-free Jello this morning, but I don't count that since it becomes a liquid almost as soon as you swallow it (Jello liquefies when warmed).

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Janey said...

You are really mean to Brad. You'll lose him as a friend if you don't start treating him better.

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

Believe me, it's mutual. He picks fights as much as I do and won't drop something once he grabs onto it.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Well, I wasn't fighting. The point I was making was one that needed to be spoken. Sorry for upsetting you. That was not my intention. Forgive me. I wasn't picking a fight, just stating my case in that situation. I need to take a different way an be open to your disagreement. I love you as a sister in Christ and what adjustments need done I will seek them. Proverbs 3: 5 & 6

Carol Bardelli said...

I'm sorry you're struggling. But Brad's proverbs reference is sound advice. You need to turn to the Lord in matters you continually struggle with. Seek His help and guidance. Brad is indeed a good friend.