Sunday, August 09, 2009

Week 111 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 25: 137.6
Week 50: 138.4 - Week 75: 137.6
Week 100: 140 - Week 101: 138.4 (-1.6)
Week 102: 138.6 (+0.2) - Week 103: 139.4 (+0.8)
Week 104: 136.4 (-3) - Week 105: 137.8 (+1.4)
Week 106: 137.8 (-0) - Week 107: 138.2 (+0.4)
Week 108: 137.4 (-0.8) - Week 109: 136 (-1.4)
Week 110: 133 (-3) - Week 111: 134.2 (+1.2)
Total loss since starting a low-fat diet: -19.8
Total loss since I began dieting and exercising in 2004: -71.8

Ok, now to catch up on other stats.

Calories eaten Thursday: 1361
Fat: 25g (18%)
Carbs: 76g (24%)
Protein: 150g (46%)

Calories eaten Friday: 1499
Fat: 28g (18%)
Carbs: 76g (22%)
Protein: 134g (38%)

Weight Thursday morning: 127.2
Weight Friday morning: 128.4
Weight Saturday morning: 129.6
Weight this morning: 134.2

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 292
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 120
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 153
Calories burned in exercise today: 181

I lost 3 pounds last week so seeing the scale bounce up a bit isn't surprising and I'm not too upset. Besides which, I absolutely stuffed myself with macaroni & cheese and enchiladas at the church potluck yesterday. I ate more than I normally do on a cheat day and it was more like a binge so I deserve to gain and am happy that it was only 1.2 lbs.

I must lose weight because I am going to gain like crazy during my Washington/Oregon trip. There will be no healthy food for 4 days, much less fresh food. I'm taking low-carb bread and unsweetened peanut butter with me, but peanut butter is high in calories and will make me gain even though it is healthy. Maybe I can also bake some wheat gluten bread for something to munch on. I'm also planning on taking celery so I at least have something fresh the first day or two.

Xena's pawsBefore I relate my weekend, here's a gratuitous photo of my kitty Xena's paws. I took several good shots of her yesterday because she posed so perfectly. Click the photo to see a larger size.

Ok - my weekend. Friday I went grocery shopping, baked chicken breasts, and washed and cut zucchini. Bagged salads were on sale so I just bought a bunch of them.

Saturday Brad and I got home late from church and sipped wine and beer, munched some leftover veggies from the tray I bought to church, and pay-per-viewed Pink Panther 2. In the evening we walked down to Walgreens to put more money on my TransLink card using my commuter checks, then up to Safeway so Brad could buy cottage cheese. We also pick up wine and one Yoplait Light yogurt for me.

I did eat some donut holes and part of one of Brad's donuts that we bought down by Walgreens. Then I wanted cookies from Subway or McDonald's but thank goodness they were closed by the time we walked by.

Today we slept in, then walked down to the train station, and then from our stop to work - about 1 hour total. We stopped at WalMart so I could buy some Diet Coke.

I will not be weighing in the last weekend of this month while I am away, so whatever week I am on will be repeated twice.

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