Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Discouragement = Binge

Calories eaten yesterday: 1162
Fat: 19g (16%)
Carbs: 73g (27%)
Protein: 117g (43%)
Weight this morning: 128.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 388

How the hell did I gain a pound since yesterday?!? I ate healthy yesterday. I was stressed and cut out one cup of cottage cheese so I could have a glass of wine before bed. That helped relax me. So my calories were where they should be (under 1200 as you can see) and I am still up a pound this morning. I am so discouraged. :(

In the end I binged. Between the stress at work and from family stuff I just couldn't take it anymore. I ate and ate and ate and even bought a six pack of light beer and drank it in a paper coffee cup so no one would know. *sigh* I eat bad foods when I get stressed. :( But I will do better tomorrow.

I stuck to plan yesterday because I hoped to see a new low on the scale today. When I came up gaining a pound I just couldn't take it anymore. I've felt this binge coming on for a while and knew it was just a matter of time.

At least I made it to the gym. I did one hour of weight training and 40 minutes of cardio on the stairmaster. I dripped sweat all over the machine and floor. :) I walked to work from the train station. I'm still a little sore from Monday's workout and now I'm even more sore. My butt, back, and triceps hurt, but it's a good hurt. :)

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