Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Diet, Overtime, TransLink, & Armour

Calories eaten yesterday: 1303
Fat: 26g (20%)
Carbs: 72g (25%)
Protein: 150g (49%)
Weight this morning: 130.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 184

Settle in with some hot cocoa. It's been a busy day and this is a long post.

First, some interesting diet facts to keep you from having "just one bite."

Calories in
1 miniature peanut butter cup - 55
1 "fun size" chocolate bar - 37
1 Triscuit cracker - 20

Those calories are totally not worth the amount of "food" you get for them. I already gave up the mini chocolate bars and the Triscuits. I found out about the mini PB cups today. No more of those for me!

Well, there won't be any gym tomorrow. I was offered 4 hours overtime at work and need the money badly so I'm taking it. Today I walked down to the train station, took the train into San Francisco, ran errands, took the train back, and then walked from my stop to work. Just over 1 hour total walking.

I am so sore from working out yesterday! My abs are killing me! It must be the leg lifts I did in the Captain's Chair at the gym. I don't use it often, but it sure target those abs!

TransLink cardThe TransLink saga continues. There is way more to explain than there is room for here, but it all comes down to going into Walgreens after not using the card for 24 hours, having Walgreens call TransLink with me in the room, and hoping for the best outcome.

Additionally, another issue I had with the card: when I bought it I put $5 cash on it to test it. I tried to test it on BART last night. I swiped it to get in and it let me in and said I had a balance of $5. Ok, fine. I swiped it to get out and it said "See Agent." The agent had to let me out the gate. I tried to use it again today and it said "See Agent" again. The agent put the card in some sort of reader and told me I had no funds on it! Argh!

I called TransLink and they looked at my card info and said they could see the $80 monthly bus pass and that I had $5 cash with a $1.75 deduction (my BART ride last night), so I have a balance of $3.25. Ok good. At least they have my records on file with the info so I shouldn't have to prove anything with a receipt.

Anyway, with all this trouble I told the guy at work who does the commuter checks to keep giving me paper checks for now which I will use to buy paper passes. I am not going to use TransLink until the program gets the bugs worked out.

Brad has had no trouble at all with TransLink; my experience is the opposite and I gather that it's quite common. Walgreens hates the TransLink cards because of the problems, and TransLink admits there are a lot of kinks to work out.

Armour thyroid medicationIn other news, I'm trying to get ahold of enough Armour thyroid medication to last me through this shortage. I bought out the remaining stock at Walgreens. They only have the 60s which means taking two a day. At first they said they gave me 60 pills last week so I only had 40 remaining. I argued that since I have to take two I should get 80 pills. They finally listened and gave me 80. That's enough for 40 days, plus the 30 days worth I have at home. I called around to other pharmacies to see if anybody had more. One had a few 90s in stock, but only a few; the rest only had 30s and 60s. I may have to switch to Nature-thyroid. With the prescription plan ($35 a year) at Walgreens it would run me about $12 a month. I'm seeing the doctor this Friday and not sure what to do. Armour is completely unavailable.

my P.O. boxThe property check for just under $200 came today, but I also received a bill for $92 for P.O. box rental. I had to write out the check on the spot and give it to them. :-p On the bright side, my phone refund card came today and that's worth $50. :)

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