Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How fat is your state?

Calories eaten yesterday: 1096
Fat: 19g (17%)
Carbs: 83g (33%)
Protein: 129g (50%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 175

AbbyLet's state off with a random cool pic of Abby. I caught her at just the right moment as she took a bite of her cat food. Click the photo for a larger size.

Okay. Moving on. Didn't weight in this morning. I'm a bit constipated so I knew my weight would be higher than yesterday and didn't want to be depressed.

I'm working overtime today so my only exercise was walking to the train station and then from my stop to work - about 1 hour total. My pedometer is not counting steps very well. I changed the battery three months ago, but I wonder if maybe it's just plain wearing out.

Here's a cool tidbit I found online: How fat is your state? Where I live (California) 23.1% of adults are obese - not merely overweight, mind you, but obese - with a BMI of 30 or above. California rates 41st among 50 states plus DC - overall one of the slimmer states.

The fattest state is Mississippi with 31.6% of adults obese, and the slimmest state is Colorado with 18.4% of adults obese.

On another subject, a word to my critics who comment on the Blogger version of this blog. I am hypothyroid, people! Maybe you don't understand what that's like. Yes, my emotions get the best of me. Thyroid hormones effect every cell in the body. Every. Single. Cell. Messing with my emotions is just one aspect of many.

Then add severe clinical depression to the hypothyroidism. I take meds for it, but the meds make me hungry and hunger makes me more likely to go off also. If I eat enough to satiate the hunger I gain weight. Try walking a mile in those shoes and then come back and criticize me! I only noticed one comment from someone who thought the thyroid meds might play a part - only one person stopped long enough to consider all the data.

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Janey said...

Sounds like excuses for bad and selfish behaviour to me. Lots of us deal with similar issues, many with issues a lot more severe than yours but can still manage to be nice people. Even those who don't claim to be 'Christians' too. I really think you need to gain some perspective on your life.

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

That's your right to believe, but I maintain, unless you have thyroid disease and/or depression you can't understand.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about the other poster, but I have both hypothyroid and depression (as well as other medical issues) and I, too, think it sounds like a bunch of excuses. I have been dealing with these medical issues for more than 1/2 my life. Sure, they are life changing, but they're not a free pass for bad behavior!

You, and only you, are responsible for your actions and reactions. It's all about the choices that you make. You have chosen to act poorly and make excuses for it. That is your prerogative, of course!

Arthur_of_Old said...


Brad here. Hope all of you are well and that our Father has blessed you with the riches which are in Christ Jesus.

I must say that Victoria is in her journey and that I have not found her to be harsh nor has she in any way diminished me. She has been a blessing and encouragement. I know through her blog she posts events from an inner perspective that does not convey the full context of the moment. But, I see that she is growing. We all move at the Lord's pace with us.

I have learned to extend grace and mercy as the Lord has moved me to. I am sure the Lord had the some issues from others concerning many He cared for.

But, it says we must do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with our Father. Since the Lord has been so gracious to me, I aught be similarly gracious. It is his gift of care and kindness. His gentleness will be the glory of His salvation.

I must keep in view how great a sinner I am before condemning another. As I have found, I can never judge in that mode with exception made by scripture. But, I love to err on the side of mercy.

Seems people come around soo much more astutely when peace and mercy are in view. We all must love mercy as God loves mercy and peace as a way of life. His peace He gives, not as the world gives. Turmoil around and peace abound. Why, because my Father owns/is peace and bought it with blood. His.

Come all you who are heavy laden and He will give you rest!!!
The Bride and the Spirit say come.

Knock and the door shall be opened, seek and you will find.

Isaiah 63, Deuteronomy 32, Psalm 51, Revelation 22, Daniel 9

Arthur_of_Old said...

I can only judge by the exceptions made by scripture. Meant that and didn't go back and finish the edit. =-( I

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

I'll also add that once thyroid hormones are regulated, things settle down. Mine have been in constant flux since the day I was dx'ed. I hope someday to find that "sweet spot," but I am not there yet.

Thank you for your encouragement, Brad. You are a wonderful friend and better than I deserve. :)