Monday, February 19, 2007


Just recording this here just in case anything does happen. Lately I've run into some psycho people.

First, Tuesday or Wednesday of last week I was waiting for the 62 bus at the Lake Merritt BART station, like I do every night after work. I have about a 20 minute wait each night so I paced up and down the block to pass the time and get in some extra steps on my pedometer. On a bench a ways back from the street were a black guy and his girlfriend. He started bad talking about me to his girlfriend loud enough for me to hear. I ignored him.

When the bus came all three of us got on. They sat at the back and he continued to bad mouth me, talking about me having green hair and being a witch and a bitch. His girlfriend was totally not into it and was trying to calm him down, but he was not about to stop. I ignored them and pulled out a word find puzzle to pass the time on the ride home.

When they got off he shouted at me calling me bitch and wanting me to look at him and asking me if I had a gun. I continued to ignore him and they were finally gone. When I got off a few stops later, the bus driver (who I know - I ride with him Tuesdays and Wednesdays) asked me what that was about and I said I didn't know; I'd never seen those two people before in my life. He told me to be careful - wise advice since this guy was very dangerous. I feel sorry for his girlfriend. She must be really needy to be with him when she could do so much better.

Anyway, that was the first incident.

Second incident was just this morning. After I worked out, I walked down the steps of the BART station to catch the train to work. A black woman was ahead of me and I was about to overtake her since I was walking faster. Instead, she circled around behind me and looked intently at my backpack. I have a button on there that says, "9-11 Never Forget," and I thought maybe she wanted to know what it said, so I stopped briefly to give her a better look. As I walked off, she headed over to the Subway store (yes, there's a Subway in the subway!) and I headed toward the fare gates. I overheard her say, "Yeah, that's her over there." I don't know who she said it to since I didn't see anyone else, but it creeped me out.

What is it with people having a problem with me? I don't know any of these people, have never seen them before, and have no idea why they have a gripe against me. I've never done anything to them or hurt them in any way. What - is a white girl not allowed to live her life just because she's white and the city is mostly black? I have no issue with them or I wouldn't live here. Why do they have an issue with me?

If you are the praying type I could use prayers for safety. I have no clue why these people seem to hate me and I can't stay home 24/7 to avoid them. So just please pray for my safety. Also, please reply to this post. While dates on posts can be changed, I don't believe the time stamp on comments can be and I want a record here just in case.


Diamondwife said...

Done, And you are in my prayers.

Anonymous said...

I say that some people just can't deal with those who are non-conformists. You are a wonderful and passionate woman with a lot to offer. It's too bad some have to judge that way.

Oh yeah, not once did you really judge them ill or talk bad back. I would have and probably be dead right now.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Psalm 37
Psalm 42
Psalm 1

Remember oh Lord. Help all your people in such circumstance and our Leadership and soldiers.
To them that speak such things of you Psalm 12.

Arthur_of_Old said...

I am praying for you and ask the Lord's mercy. May He pray for you and surround you with his shield of love.
Psalm 22
Psalm 25
Psalm 38

Cindy said...

There are lots of weirdos in this world. I cannot imagine, however, why perfect strangers would have a problem with you!!!

Please be careful!

Jerri said...

Hi Victoria. Long time no see. I was just peeking in on you and saw this. How scary! I will keep you in my prayers.

Good to "see" you.

Pendell said...

Dear sis,

You can better believe Susan and I will be praying for you! Of course, we were already, but we'll step up a notch or two.

Not to get too spooky-spiritual .. but this happens a lot when you're about to be used in a good way. The enemy steps up the harassment ... and having people under his influence is one very good way to do that.

Then again, it could be just being in a bad side of town.

I don't like the fact that one woman says "yes, that's her". It's possible you're being stalked.

If I were you, I would start varying my route on the way home. Get Brad to take you home a time or two. Take alternate routes. If you're being stalked, this will help throw them off.

Always have your cell phone and your pepper spray nearby. If someone causes trouble, scream as loudly as you can and run!

If you get cornered, one thing to try is start praying aloud. That freaks some people out pretty badly.

So yes! We -- I -- will pray for you.


Brian P.

Pendell said...

Oh, one other thing ...

Have you ever considered, the next time someone calls you a "green-haired witch" -- look 'em in the eye and say "EX-witch, actually." That oughta freak 'em out good :)


Brian P.

GrannyGrump said...

Hugs and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I heard about your plight through Brian. Sounds awful. Will be praying for you.

Matt Stone