Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Over 150 :(

Calories eaten yesterday: 1736
Fat: 84g (46%)
Carbs: 49g (12%)
Protein: 163g (40%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 100

Went grocery shopping. My weight this morning was 152. That's a 10 pound gain from my goal weight and a 14 pound gain from my lowest weight. I'm now a size 10 once again trying to squeeze my fat tummy into size 8s. I need to get serious cutting back on the calories and fat and just try to keep my protein up. I bought turkey ham for breakfast instead of bacon, extra lean ground beef (7% fat), and chicken breasts.

When I got back home I cooked the lean ground beef I bought last week (10% fat), froze it, froze the extra lean ground beef I bought this week (still raw), and prepped the chicken breast. All I need to do is pop it in the oven when I get home.

I'll use up the food I have and then start eating the extra lean stuff.

I don't know why I'm gaining. You can look at my FitDay journal and see that for every day (except Saturday when I don't count) I am burning more than I'm eating. Even counting Saturday as 3000 calories I am still burning more than I am eating overall.

By the way, my journal can be accessed anytime in the sidebar on the right. Just look for this graphic and click on it.

Also take some time to peruse the other links in the sidebar. There's all sorts of stuff!

I am seriously considering NutriSystem. You can pick your own meals and they do have lower carb/higher protein options. Also, when it calls for a starch I could just sub in a protein instead - same number of calories per gram. Their idea of how much protein a person needs per day is, in my humble opinion, seriously deficient, especially for an active woman like me looking to lose fat rather than muscle.

This weekend after church we are going to Pastor Brent's house to see One Night with the King, the story of Esther. I haven't seen the movie and would like to so I'm going. The problem - it's also an ice cream party and there will be other carby snacks.

To keep myself away from the ice cream I am going to make the Dixie Diner donuts. High as hell in calories (due to being more fat than anything else), but it should keep me away from the high-carb, high-fat ice cream. The other option is the Atkins brownies, but they make me fart because of the sugar alcohols and I'm going to be around people. They would be a good choice otherwise. I may do both and then give the unused portion to Brad.

My only exercise was walking to work from the BART station, stopping at Pac N' Save for shredded cheese for the cauliflower "potatoes" I'm going to make this weekend. I'm going to make it with a half can cream soup and only a little cream cheese since I have to use the last half can of soup before it goes bad.

I also bought a glass bowl for mixing stuff. I only have one large bowl and I used it this morning to put the cooked ground beef in. I've needed another for ages. I'll use it tonight when I make up the cauliflower recipe, but I won't get a chance to actually bake the dish until later this week. Oh well, it's for Saturday so it's not like there's a big hurry. I'll make the donuts and/or brownies on Friday.

I finished pumping up the exercise ball last night. The ball-as-chair is working out okay but I definitely should have gotten the smaller ball (55cm instead of the 65cm ball I got). Oh well, it will still work.

I feel kind of sick today. I hope I'm not coming down with something. I guess I'll know when I wake up tomorrow! No matter what, I am going to Ash Wednesday services.

Today is Love Your Pet Day. I gave Xena and Abby wet food for breakfast before I even knew this. :) They are both doing well, by the way, and their fur is soooo soft on the high protein cat food I give them.

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Kim Ayres said...

Obviously you have to do things the way you believe best - I don't live your life - but I've always been wary of Atkins and the other day I was talking to an old friend of mine who lost 30lbs on it but became ill.

In the end food is not just about energy, it's about nutrition as well. We need the balance of fresh fruit and veg with the protein if our bodies are to fucntion properly. My approach has always been to focus on healthy eating - combined with exercise the weight will take care of itself.

Annieann77 said...

Sorry to hear about you resent weight gain! :(

I'm sure that Nutrisystem would work for you, it is quite similar to a low carb diet. And like you say you can always add more protein to the meals, I know alot of NS members add protein powder to their yogurt.

Arthur_of_Old said...

"You're out of bed and made it to the keyboard, and what more could I want?" I want you to feel better, smile, and conquer your day!!! Just do it! If you don't, lie in bed till you have to go to the bathroom. IF you do that somedays, that is an accomplishment and enough!=-) Getting to the keyboard is extra. But, since it is on the way to your bathroom, it is a cinch. Yet, I won't spill the beans on how easy that is!! hehe =-)

As long as Xena isn't on the chair...? Hey, wait a minute, that's why you got the ball. Xena won't be able to get in "that chair"!!!

No, I really know you did it for health reasons. Didn't want to bruise that tush!! =-D OK, it helps you sit straight, I know. ;-)

Thursday, February 22, 2007 5:46:00 PM

Fat Victoria said...


Atkins includes fruit and veggies - I eat way more now than I ever did before. So whoever is telling you that Atkins is poor in nutrition bcause we don't eat fruit and veggies doesn't have a clue what they are talking about.

If someone is getting sick from "doing Atkins," then trust me, they are NOT "doing Atkins."


I think I'll sign up for NutriSystem as soon as I can scrape some more money together, and like I said, sub out some of the carb portions (like bread) for protein and salads and the sweet fruit portions for more veggies. I suspect most of the fruits I eat are counted as veggies in the NS program. For example, tomatoes and cucumbers are both fruits.

I love bread, but it makes me gain weight (even when I stay within my calorie limits), and sugar makes my acne comes back.

Until then I'm using up the rest of the high fat stuff I have around the house and buying more low and nonfat things. I can trim a lot of calories right there without sending my carb count too high.