Monday, February 05, 2007

Gratuitous cat pictures, & tweaking my diet

Calories eaten yesterday: 1358
Fat: 63g (44%)
Carbs: 50g (15%)
Protein: 92g (28%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 312

I wonder if the Creatine I've been taking really does work. I've taken it the last two times I've gone to the gym (just 2g) and have seemed to have more strength. I've also done weights for 55 minutes instead of my usual 45. I need more workouts while taking this to see if it does work, but so far it's promising. I take it only on gym days right now. I'm also still taking L-Glutamine each day (12g).

Made it to the gym. Did 55 minutes of weights, then 15 minutes of the exercise bike and another 15 on the elliptical (the kind with the moving arms). Oh yeah, baby! Grabbed my shake from my locker and drank that while walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes. It didn't taste funny this time; it tasted just like I remembered, so I guess the Glutamine was what made it taste funny. I think it's safe to take, and it cost so much that I really don't want to throw it out, even though it's probably been sitting in my kitchen for about three years (!). On the subject of protein, I started with the cottage cheese last night. It tasted so sweet and creamy. Yummy.

You may remember that the switch to whey protein after my workout is because whey protein absorbs quickly, and adding cottage cheese before bed gives me slow-absorbing casein protein to protect my muscles while I sleep.

I made an appointment today to give blood this Friday. The latest appointment they had was 2:15 so I scheduled that one. I need to sleep in on Friday and then have stuff to do around the house, so the later the better. I'm going to stay on plan because my last binge was only a month ago. I'll take an Atkins bar and probably some sugar-free candy to eat afterwards.

I have two more gratuitous cat photos to share today. If I'm going to run a Things On Cats group on Flickr, then I need more pictures of things on cats. Xena, being the laid back cat she is, was happy to volunteer. The same could not be said of Abby, who thought having objects placed on her was some sort of nefarious plot to harm her in some way. Ferals will always be ferals.

Click any of these photos to enlarge them.

Xena with three cat toys and TV remote on her
cat toys & TV remote on Xena

Xena with the breast cancer bear on her
breast cancer bear on Xena

Doesn't she just have the sweetest face?

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Lira said...

Your Xena is just too cute. :) It looks like she has some of the same kitty toys that Dax has.

Annieann77 said...

Xena looks like my kitty too! ;) Although my kitty has more of the attitude that Abby has! LOL

Thanks for the suggestions on adding more protein to my diet.

Anonymous said...

Xena is a playful Cat! She loves the wire cork holders on the champagne bottles. So, she is a little unconventional. She's a; leave me alone till "I" want you, cat.

Arthur of Auld
just Brad.

cassandra said...
seen this before?