Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Not much going on today

Calories eaten yesterday: 1891
Fat: 94g (46%)
Carbs: 53g (12%)
Protein: 146g (32%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 94

Not much happening today. I went grocery shopping and found Enviga on sale so I bought several cans. They had berry and peach. I tried the berry when I got home, but I think I like the peach better. I haven't seen the green tea flavor yet.

Tomorrow I have a noon dentist appointment just to check on my oral surgery. The last time I was there the dentist said he wanted me to check back in a month. No problem. After this I will go back for my teeth whitening and then I need to see about getting a cleaning and getting my cavities filled.

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I'm really hungry today. Don't know why. After eating lunch I grabbed an Atkins bar from my locker and wolfed that down. It's going to make my calories pretty darn high, but it certainly hiked my protein up. Maybe I'll just skip the pork rinds to get my calories down a bit.

I read in Muscle and Fitness Hers today that the best post-workout protein is both whey and casein. I'm thinking of taking my whey protein shake mix and adding a ready-to-drink shake with whey and casein. That would give me more grams of protein right after my workout and add a bit of casein also. The quote: ...a combination of whey and casein proteins after working out spurs the greatest increases in lean muscle mass.

The same article says BCAAs are easily converted to glucose, so I think I won't take that. The article also says I should be taking zinc magnesium aspertate (ZMA). It increases testosterone and insulin-like growth factor-1. That doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I can try this when my L-Glutamine runs out.

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Spider63 said...

This comment pop-up is weird. Anyhow, I read the same article in M&F. Now I have to find a source of casein protein, as my regular powder is all whey.

Are you using creatine? What kind?

Arthur_of_Old said...
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Arthur_of_Old said...
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Lady Atkins said...

The deleted comment has been moved to the appropriate post since it was a common on the Black History Month and Diversity post.

Lady Atkins said...


Yogurt and cottage cheese are both casein, and most Ready-to-drink shakes contain a mixture. Add your whey protein to one of those.