Monday, February 26, 2007

Signed up with NutriSystem

Had a very productive sick day at home yesterday. I probably could have gone into work. I got the kitchen organized a bit, finding places to put a couple boxes that were sitting out. I also organized the area under the sink. I threw out a bunch of stuff in the freezer and got that organized. I went through my FitDay journal and cleared out a lot of the foods. If I need to add some back in later I can, but for now it's pared down quite a bit and it feels great! I pulled a bunch of my tax stuff together and began organizing the stack of papers sitting there. I even found a $40 check I had forgotten about.

I cooked and froze the extra-lean ground beef, and took the cooked chicken breast, individually packaged them in sandwich baggies, then put all the baggies in an extra large baggie and marked them. I found some more high fat stuff to give away - two jars of pasta sauce under the sink and a small jar of mayonnaise in the fridge. I brought them to work today and Brad snagged them.

I ate way too much yesterday, but today I begin anew with a planned out lower-fat, lower-calorie (and of course low-carb) menu.

Well, I finally bit the bullet today and signed up with NutriSystem. I went with the diabetic program since it is a bit lower in sugar than the regular program, something very important when it comes to the free meals they choose for you. I went to the Web site, picked 28 days worth of meals, and then called the guy at NutriSystem I talked to Saturday. On Saturday he said that if I sign up via telephone I get two weeks free instead of one (the second month also has a free week) so that's why I did it by phone.

I opted for the "pay later" option, which will give me the option of paying over time. If I'm careful with my money I could probably pay about $200 a month of the $300 program cost, so roughly 2/3. He did a quick credit check (which I guess I passed) and I'm good to go.

When I got the invoice by e-mail I saw that the guy had forgotten to apply my $30 coupon code to my order. I called back and talked to a lady and she said she could apply it to my next order, which is fine since I'm planning on giving this program at least two months and then I will see where things stand. I don't know if this will work, but I guess I am desperate. I should have the meals (35 days worth including my free week) by the end of the week. The guy I talked to said that he would make sure my free meals came from the choices I'd already made, but we will see. He couldn't get the coupon right, so I don't know if I can trust him in this.

I am not giving up the principles I learned on Atkins: sugar is bad, low-carb is healthy and gives me energy, protein is essential, and fat is not unhealthy.

During my bimonthly run into the City I stopped at Old Navy and bought another pair of jeans. I got size 8 because I will wear them again! They even had my favorite "just below waist" type. :) My umbrella got turned inside out and snapped in the wind, so I also stopped at Ross and bought two new umbrellas and a pair of sunglasses (my old pair broke ages ago). It was pouring rain when I got back across the Bay, so I didn't get to walk to work from BART.

Don't know if I will go to the gym or not tomorrow. With all the rain I really need to do something for exercise.

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Annieann77 said...

Congrats on joining NS!! Sometimes they do forget things and if you do end up with items in your order that are too high in sugar or that you don't like all you have to do is call them and they will replace them (usually you get to keep the stuff that isn't right too)! They are good at fixing any errors -- I hope things work out for you! ;)

Cindy said...

Curious how you'll like NutraSystem. A woman I work with said she tried it and didn't at all like the food.

I'm too picky an eater to even bother trying one of these programs!! Keep us informed on how the food is and how you do on the plan.

Arthur_of_Old said...

Congratulations on your choice of NutraSystem Victoria! When we talked earlier about your research, you were balanced and practical in your data.
Wish you well with your new diet regimen. Now we can see how well this will work toward your goals of weight loss and maintenance. Yes we arrrre comparing the apples, to oranges, to the pears! =-P

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