Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Calories eaten yesterday: 1532
Fat: 72g (44%)
Carbs: 45g (12%)
Protein: 112g (31%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 0

Blessed Ash Wednesday everyone! I am sick today and staying home from work. But I did go to the noon service at church. Here's a couple pictures of the ashes on my forehead. Click to enlarge.

ashes on Ash Wednesday

ashes on Ash Wednesday

I'm taking today off counting since I'm home sick. I stopped at Starbucks on the way to the church and had a small nonfat sugar-free cinnamon dulce latte. It didn't taste as good as lowfar, but oh well. I need to eat a lower fat diet if I'm going to maintain my weight, never mind losing. I'm PMSing and craving chocolate. Maybe I'll make some Atkins brownies.

After I got the latte at Starbucks I went to a nearby restaurant and got a Cobb salad. The told the guy to go easy on the bacon and guacamole. When I got home from the church I had Quaker oatmeal with low carb chocolate Soy Slender soy milk. The first try made a mess in the microwave, so I had to wash the plate in the bottom of the microwave and then try again keeping a close eye on it. Next time I'll use the stove and see if I get better results.

Reached 20,000 hits on this blog yesterday! If you scroll down to the very bottom of this blog you'll see the count on the site meter. :) Here's what my desktop looked like. I can't get the full size on blogger, so the .pdf file follows.

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Arthur_of_Old said...

B-) EEV B-)

Congratulations V!!! 20,000 blog hits. Your blog is well done and has great graphics, annnnnd Styyyyyle!!=-D Great blogs get noticed. =-) Goood job!!! Meticulous quality! Monk would be proud. =-P

Anonymous said...

Hi Victoria.
As i read ur blog about ur "Not gaining weight" i saw that u wrote about "eating to much popcorn and drinking way to much diet coke." i was just wondering, what does the Atkin say about that?
(Im not really into Atkins and dont know much about it myself...
would love if u posted a mail about this to me...)
also, check out my blog
/Jonna Tetzlaff