Sunday, February 11, 2007

My weekend, and more photos

Calories eaten Friday: 2187
Fat: 95g (42%)
Carbs: 54g (11%)
Protein: 167g (33%)

Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 247
Calories burned in exercise today: 256

Brad and I managed to walk on Saturday. He could see a break in the rain so we scampered off to the lake. We had just enough time to go around once when the rain started again - perfect timing! Then we went to Starbucks and I had a small sugar-free Cinnamon Dulce latte. The milk and whipped cream had sugar, and they put cinnamon sugar on top of the whipped cream so probably 25g carbs, give or take. Still only about half of what a regular latte would have been. Brad had a large Cinnamon Dulce latte with regular syrup, and an orange juice.

When we got back to my house I had way too much Carb Smart ice cream and made flax bread for Brad and I with the cream cheese frosting and I added blueberries to the bread before microwaving it. It was a little messy, but very delicious. I recommend trying this, but lightly cover it while cooking (the blueberries sometimes explode), and eat it with a knife and fork. Good sub for french toast, but due to the high fiber content you can only have one slice.

Made it to the gym today, but I am still beat from the blood donation. I couldn't work out as hard as I wanted to and had to rest more than I'd like, but I spent an hour doing weights and a half hour doing cardio (did the stationary bike). I had one of the new "Zero Carb" berry flavored Rock Star drinks in the blue can to give me energy - pretty tasty, even if I don't believe for a second that it really has zero carbs. I'll have to look for a 4 pack in the stores. Once I got to work I had another Rock Star drink - the regular sugar-free in the white can. That's how wiped out I am. I got a regular night's sleep last night, and Friday I went to bed early and slept about 10 hours.

I need to do more back work. I have no muscle on my back at all. They have a whole slew of machines at the gym for the back and I need to learn how to work them. Right now I am only familiar with a few of them.

I won't be able to work out the rest of this week. I'm busy every day. :-p

Here's some random recent photos. Click any photo to enlarge.

the place they stuck me with the needle for giving blood
blood donation site

the nail bed is finally completely white

close-up of toe I had surgery on - nicely healed!
toe close-up

one of the scratches Xena gave me
I hate my cat

me at Lake Merritt - Brad & I walked around once on Saturday
me at Lake Merritt

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