Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Shirataki, Snuggies, calories, & metabolism

Calories eaten yesterday: 1100
Fat: 22g (18%)
Carbs: 90g (33%)
Protein: 136g (49%)
Weight this morning: 135 (One week ago: 132.8)
Calories burned in exercise today: 175

Today was mail day. I found a package slip in my P.O. box and discovered that the Shirataki noodles I had ordered were mailed to my P.O. box instead of my work address. I am very careful with my online orders because I do not like having to haul heavy package all the way to work. I got Brad to drop it off at my apartment at least.

I can't afford these noodles very often because they are very expensive, but I figured I'd splurge on these after all the overtime I worked.

The Snuggie order also came today. These are the two thin ones I wanted. I haven't opened the package yet, but had Brad drop that at my apartment too.

I skipped my Cream of Wheat this morning to get my carbs down (I really feel I need to do that), but I will have it tomorrow with my protein shake before hitting the gym. My session will be shorter because I'm hoping to return the BodyBugg and it is not a short process. I let the manager talk me out of this once; it won't happen again. It does not work for me so I want my money back.

There may be some more overtime in my future. Lisa wants some days off so I may work 3 pm-3 am. I hate that kind of shift, but I need the money really bad.

I need to get serious with cutting calories again. I found out that the lower limit of 1200 is "an average and there will be some people who can go lower."

This is good to know because I have been gaining weight and need to cut way back. I have put on fat and my belly is showing and it looks really bad. As my stats show, I have gained a couple of pounds in the last week alone. :(

I was also told to have a metabolic test done to find out how many calories I actually burn at rest. Unfortunately, my gym does not offer this test anymore. They say they aren't accurate, but I have found the test to give me results that made sense, so I think they are accurate. I wonder if I can get another gym to run the test on me without being a member. The test usually runs about $50 and would be worth it.

If anyone knows a way I could get this test done in the East Bay area of San Francisco please let me know.

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