Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Calories eaten yesterday: 1217
Fat: 30g (22%)
Carbs: 79g (26%)
Protein: 152g (51%)
Weight this morning: 131.6 (One week ago: 132.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 160

Ash WednesdayToday is Ash Wednesday so instead of going to the gym I went to the noon chapel service at a local Episcopal church. I need to research and find a church that believes in what the Bible says, but this one will do until then. We had the ashes imposed and took communion. The wine seemed super sweet, not like regular wine at all. At the left is last year's photo of me after getting the ashes. Click it for a larger size.

I walked to BART, and walked from my stop to work. I was so hungry that I stopped at Pac N Save and bought a 12 oz. bag of salad so I can have two salads today. I also picked up some cottage cheese since I always need that.

Then I went to WalMart to spend the rest of my money on the BodyBugg refund. I got the stuff I needed, and splurged a couple of shampoos for red hair, plus picked up more conditioner for red hair.

I'm also desperate again and picked up a bottle of Hydroxycut. I did a little research and found something on WebMD about one of the active ingredient in it - hydroxycitric acid. It doesn't seem to have too much caffeine - about one cup of coffee per pill. I'm desperate to get these last few pounds off!

Tomorrow is payday and I'm doing laundry.

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Janey said...

I like this layout with the sidebar on the right Victoria. It makes your posts easier to read somehow. Have a good day!