Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Week 95, Day 4 (again)

Calories eaten yesterday: 1184
Fat: 21g (16%)
Carbs: 78g (27%)
Protein: 163g (56%)
Weight this morning: 132.2 (One week ago: 131.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 190

Working overtime today - 11 am-11 pm so I am tired from having to get up early (not getting enough sleep). I need the money so badly. Dad's check still hasn't come and may not come until next month, so I am scraping by as well as I can. I did take $30 from the money I gave Brad for Costco and will use it to buy cottage cheese and cucumber for next week.

I am trying to save out enough of that money for the Alli if they still have the 2 for 1 deal. Since they were sold out I rather doubt it, but I can hope. If they just have their regular deal then I will put the money toward other stuff.

I got a little exercise today - walking to BART and then from my stop to work. I stopped at WalMart to get more of the wild strawberry Crystal Light. That stuff tastes fantastic! and has B vitamins and caffeine.

My "bloating" isn't going away and I might as well just face it - I have belly fat. I have gained fat from these Saturday binges (let's call those what they are) and it's all on my belly. I am up a pound since this time last week. I quite literally am a fat pig. Oink!

I must stop eating so much on Saturday and eat light even that day. At least there won't be any going out for a while. Brad and I are both strapped so we'll be eating in. I'm planning on pasta for this Saturday except that I will have the shirataki noodles and I will give Brad the Dreamfield's.

Xena under umbrellaI'm going to finish this post with a cute photo of Xena. She has always loved sitting or lying under umbrellas. The day this was taken it has been raining and I dried out my umbrella by leaving it open in the kitchen. Xena went to sit under it. Click on the photo for a larger size on it's main photo page. Also, click here for another cute photo of her.

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Arthur_of_Old said...

Xena is so lovely and is such a dear kitty.