Thursday, February 19, 2009

Overcoming tempatation, & my exercise anniverary

Calories eaten yesterday: 1274
Fat: 23g (16%)
Carbs: 101g (32%)
Protein: 160g (51%)
Weight this morning: 130.2 (One week ago: n/a)
Calories burned in exercise today: 254

I am so glad that I overcame temptation yesterday! I was very hungry and thought about going down the hall to the producer's room where I know they keep bread and peanut butter (and sometimes sugar-free jelly).

Instead, I went into my locker and took out the can of tuna I keep in there for emergencies. I had a hard time opening it (the can opener appears to be broken), but I finally pried it about 2/3 open so I could eat the contents. That tuna really hit the spot and took the edge off my hunger until I could eat again.

So a small victory there because I know a peanut butter sandwich would have led to much worse - candy, a second sandwich, etc. :)

dye jobdye jobHere's a couple photos of the dye job Brad did on my hair last Saturday. This is before any shampoos. He did a good job. Hopefully it won't wash out too fast. I tried bleaching my hair first in hopes that the dye would stay in longer. You can click both photos for a larger size.

Did laundry today, walked there and back. Then I had something to eat and walked to the BART station. But I turned and decided to walk the bus route. I stopped at the 7-11 for a drink (I'm cutting back on diet soda this week so all I could get was water because they had nothing uncarbonated and sugar-free). I caught the bus the rest of the way in except for getting off early and walking the last 10 minutes in. Total walking time - 1 hour 27 minutes. :)

On that note, today is my five year anniversary of working out! That's right - five years ago today (2004) I did my first workout at Curves. Little did I know that it was the beginning of something so big! My lack of weight loss working out encouraged me to get on Atkins and eat healthier, and the more weight I lost, the easier movement became. Viva la exercise!

Weekend plans - nothing special. Do grocery shopping tomorrow, then hit Costco with Brad to see if they have the Alli in yet, or even it's they still have the 2-for-1 special. Otherwise I'll probably stock up on some other stuff. For Safeway, I only have enough grocery money for cottage cheese and cucumber. I need to cook more chicken breast, but don't have the money right now and don't feel like hastling with defrosting the raw chicken in my freezer.

Saturday after church we'll hang out at home (I hope). Dinner with be pasta with meat sauce except Brad will get the real stuff and I'll have the diet pasta. Being so broke it looks I'll be drinking Two Buck Chuck. A good wine for a very tough economy, and the Cabernet is potable. I find the Merlot entirely flat. The Nouveau is even worse.

I'll be back with my weigh-in on Sunday.

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Janey said...

I love your hair - the colour really suits you!