Monday, February 16, 2009

Food-wise failure and my weekend

Calories eaten Thursday: 1082
Fat: 14g (12%)
Carbs: 102g (40%)
Protein: 120g (47%)
Weight Thursday morning: 135.8 (One week ago: 131.2)
Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 219

Calories eaten Friday: 1473
Fat: 28g (18%)
Carbs: 84g (23%)
Protein: 135g (38%)
Weight Friday morning: 135.8 (One week ago: 129.8)
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 82

Weight Saturday morning: 135.8 (One week ago: 131.8)
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 0

Calories eaten yesterday: 885 (no, that's not a typo; I pigged out Saturday, so ate very light on Sunday)
Fat: 16g (16%)
Carbs: 78g (36%)
Protein: 105g (48%)
Weight Sunday morning: n/a (One week ago: 138.6)
Calories burned in exercise Sunday: 0

Weight this morning: n/a (One week ago: 133)
Calories burned in exercise today: 328

Settle in with some hot cocoa. I have a lot to update so this is going to be long.

No weigh-in this week. Saturday was an absolute and utter failure.

Friday I did what grocery shopping I could in the afternoon. Brad came and picked me up and we hit WalMart. Then we went to Petco and got pet hair rollers (for removing pet hair from clothes). We were going to get a new scratching pad for Xena, but a customer in front of me at the register gave us a tip that Trader Joe's had them cheaper. I wanted to go to Trader Joe's anyway for a couple bottles of Two Buck Chuck.

We didn't see the cat scratchers at the store, but we asked at the register when getting the wine and they pointed to where they were against a wall, so we got that, too.

Then we hit Safeway so Brad could pick up something for dinner and I could get garlic vinegar (hard to find at my store, especially the large size). They had it on sale so I bought three large bottles.

By this time it was dusk and Sabbath so we went home. Brad portioned the salad bought earlier in the week and washed the cucumbers I'd bought earlier. I portioned out my vitamins and meds for the week in my pill organizer.

Saturday we went to church. I forgot the bulletins and my Bible so I could take any sermon notes. It's a pity because pastor always says stuff worth writing down. I ate horribly and ended up eating five (yes five) granola bars, split between the two different kinds the church has for snacks.

dying my hair redBrad and I left church little early. Brad had some lunch and I had a little lunch and did some cleaning up. At home Brad helped me color my hair. We dyed it red, but since I haven't used shampoo on it yet, it is currently burgundy, but will get lighter over the next few shampoos.

Saturday evening we went to Dublin to see Coraline in 3D. It was a good movie and well worth seeing, but I'm not sure the 3D was worth the extra price. At any rate, it's a good movie about being content with the life you have. Paul says much the same thing in Philippians 4:11.

I'd give the movie 7 out of 10 stars. See it, but don't bother with the 3D. It's rated PG, but not suitable for children under 10 due to how dark and creepy it is. So parents be warned! Little ones could get nightmares from this.

strawberry cheesecake dessert shooterFood-wise, before the movie we went to Starbuck's and I got a biscotti and short skinny vanilla latte. Then we went to Applebee's and Brad and I shared an appetizer and had drinks. I also had the strawberry cheesecake dessert shooter (photo on right). During the movie we had popcorn (medium); I ate most of it. After the movie we drove to the Alameda Applebee's for dinner. I ate horribly. The Mochatini and wine weren't bad, but I got the Quesadilla burger with fries, and then ordered their brownie and vanilla ice cream dessert (shared with Brad of course). I am so addicted to sugar and I hate it!

Sunday I ended up setting the alarm for a later time and then deciding not to go to the gym at all and sleep in. Brad and I couldn't even get any walking it because it was raining. I was so bloated that I didn't get on the scale.

Today I dragged myself to the gym and did one hour of upper body weight training and 30 minutes cardio. I wanted to use the elliptical (didn't feel like the treadmill), but the kind with the moving arms were all being used, so I had to settle for the crossramp elliptical. It stopped raining so I walked to work from BART.

Tomorrow I am doing my mail run into the City. The property check should be there so I will cash it and turn it over to Brad to buy me stuff at Costco - I need Alli, two cases of Diet Rock Star, one case of Diet Coke, and cat litter. I hope $200 is enough for all that.

My tummy is sticking out and I'm trying to determine the cause. So this week I am cutting back on diet soda and seltzer water to see if the carbonation isn't contributing. I also have a Parastroy cleanse kit so I am doing that. Can't hurt, might help.

About my apartment situation - Friday night the woman next door dropped by to tell Brad and I about the guy in apartment B being broken into. He had a bunch of stuff stolen and ended up moving out. I already knew about it, but in the course of the conversation, the woman mentioned that she had been broken into four times! Not recently, but still that's scary. She now has bars on her back windows.

It's also scary that I almost moved into apartment B. I didn't get it because it was taken when I decided to move to this building. Apartment D was open (and more expensive) so I took that.

The postscript to all this is that I saw the owner today going into apartment B. I asked him about my rent check and the break in. He showed me the back bathroom window they were supposed to have entered from. He showed me the window and there was so sign of forced entry so he thinks the tenant must have left the window unlocked. I am not sure but I hope it was something as simple as that.

The building is not secure and the back alley between our building and the one next door is a prime place for criminals to break in. Brad said to leave my front blinds and the front door blinds open. If someone breaks in (most likely from the back), they wouldn't want to be seen. He said to leave the TV and one light on, and to hide my computer. The apartment has a some hidden places that Brad and I didn't discover until I moved in, so I chose one of those for the computer. It's a laptop and easily stowed.

Everyone told me how much better this neighborhood is, but it's not, and the lack of a secure building makes it more so. I asked the owner today about getting bars for my back door and windows. He said he would do it, but I take that with a grain of salt. He hasn't followed through the on the heater problem I mentioned (the black soot that coats things), so I don't know if he will follow through on this.

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Lisa Sovulewski said...

Haha yeah I grew up in that neighborhood, as you know. Our house got broken into almost every year for as long as I can remember, usually when we were at the grocery store for 30 min or so. I never said it was crime free, just less shootings and such. No part of Oakland is crime free, trust me.