Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Retro & Responses

Calories eaten yesterday: 998
Fat: 20g (20%)
Carbs: 58g (27%)
Protein: 122g (53%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 388

my family in 1991Here's an old photo of my family from 1991. I'm the one in the tie dye on the far right. I cannot believe how overweight I was then. I was 20 years old. Click the photo for a larger size.

I'm still afraid to get near the scale.

Made it to the gym today. Woot! I may be feature on a board of "member success stories" from my gym. They have a board of members of that particular location and are looking for more stories to post. My older friend John at the gym introduced me to Sandi. I told her I'd e-mail her the link to the story I posted on the 12 Million Lives website and attach some photos.

My butt is sore today. Just about everything from Monday is sore. That's what I get for not getting to the gym for a week and a half, but my butt is the worst. Cardio was 40 minutes on the stairmaster. I'm kind of tired from Monday's workout so I spent most of my time at level 5 instead of 6.

Because of my weight training and how much cardio I do I have been having 1 1/2 scoops of protein powder before and after my workouts instead of one scoop each. This gives me 30g of protein before and 30g after and I think it will help protect my muscles.

I'm nearing 13 million steps! I should hit it tomorrow. :) Tomorrow is also laundry day - fun, fun.

I downloaded a new game onto my iPod. It's a word search game and was only $1.99. I figured I could swig that given how much time it will help me kill.

Ok, now for the comments people leave here.

Janey - You have been commenting on my blog for a while now. I noticed you never have anything positive to say. All you ever do is criticize. I'm tired of it and will not allow that anymore. It must be a hard life to always see the negative in stuff and put people down. I feel sorry for you. If you can't say something nice don't say anything at all.

The diet pills are because of everything happening - I need to stock up while I can because lean times are ahead.

Justine - Thank you for your concern. I do know about water weight fluctuations. It freaked me out at first, but now I know that I usually weigh the most on Sunday and the least on Friday. So the ups and downs don't freak me out too much and I can usually predict whether my weight will be up or down on any given day.

I'm not as hard on myself as I sometimes show here. I just don't log the everyday successes in staying on plan.

I don't measure myself, but I do have a body fat scale. My body fat has remained pretty stable over the last couple of years - about 25%. I try to measure body fat once a month.

Vickie - I'm not just figuring out how to lose the weight I gained while I was away. I knew I would gain when I was on my trip so I dieted like crazy before I left and did manage to lose a couple pounds. But even at that weight I was above my ultimate goal. So there was some foresight and I worked really hard before I left, but I am still not where I want to be.

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janey said...

WOW - YOU are calling ME negative?

Justine said...


I am glad you've responded so positively to my comments. I was worried that you would take it the wrong way.

I really admire you, and how much effort you put into losing and maintaining. Would you have any reservations about posting your Atkins eating plan and gym plan on your blog? I am struggling with my weight loss (I have hit a plateau) and would love some tips, especially about how to lose body fat :)

Post some of your every day successes as well!!

Have a great day :)


Arthur_of_Old said...

Hi Janey, I think of Proverbs 3:5 & 6 as I have told Victoria and the template for believers, 1 Corinthians 13.

To forgive is the most powerful, beautiful, enduring testimony of the Love of the Eternal God, Jesus of Nazareth. It is our greatest weapon in our arsenal of Love against the wiles of the world. This is our weapon that none can overcome. Ever. The Faith of our Lord Jesus enables us to use this sword. It is our life to use this sword well as in 70 x 70.

We all fail and all come short, the grace of the Lord is always our need and desire. Plus, it is our offering and sacrifice to others. It is the Spirit and it is our duty as in Romans to make ourselves a living sacrifice for His glory. Letting His light so shine that HE Might put it on the Hill of this blog or wherever He lead you Janey. May His face shine on you.

I remember Jesus wants His people to have balance (just, as in applied in Proverbs) in the midst of these. He desires justice, but mixed with mercy, gentleness, kindness, service with joy in the war against unseen forces at war with Him. I/We are the battle ground at which this occurs. We are the fields, soil, vineyard wheat etc. He wars, but recalls we are but dust.

The Lord encourages us in what I speak here.
Galatians: 6: 7-10

I realize offenses do come and will again. But, our Savior covers our multitude of sins or Love covers a multitude of sins.Isaiah 63.(picture of the cross in 63)

Love and peace to you and your house. You are No worse (or More negative) than Victoria, I or the rest residing on this earth. Keep in view though that our wrath tends to a direction the Lord would rather we not tread. Though, at times the Lord will use it.

BTW: I, you, Victoria, the world, are coming, have come short of the glory of God. Romans 3:23 on to 31. Romans 2:28 , 29.

May His grace Janey abound in your life and bring you peace. Whatever afflictions you are enduring, may the Lord give you mercy, grace and relief with help in His people. As Paul says, Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS and AGAIN REJOICE. =-), =-)!! And that, in all things.

Amazing Grace has just started airing right now, oh Lord how appropriate to remind me of what a wretched, wretched sinner I am. And hear what I proclaim. Only your precious words and truth abounding with grace. All glory to You Lord, King and Beautiful Savior. Lord you have brought me to tears, have mercy on me, so, so, so great a sinner.

Numbers 6:25,


Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

Janey - Just please show me ONE positive comment you've ever made here. Just one.

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

Justine - I am no longer on a strict Atkins Diet. My best advice is that if you want to try Atkins, get the book and read it. Everything is laid out there.

My exercise plan is pretty much what I post every day. I go to the gym twice a week and do an hour of weight training follow my 30-40 minutes of cardio. For weight loss decrease the weight training time and increase the cardio.

On days I don't go to the gym I do a lot of walking (I have no car). Walking gives me exercise and I save on bus fare. :)