Sunday, September 06, 2009

Epic Fail

Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 169
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 70
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 175
Calories burned in exercise today: 365

Friday Brad and I went to Costco now that he has a car. I bought $237 worth of stuff. Yikes! But I was out of almost everything. Brad was very tired and didn't want to hang with me. He also thought he might be getting sick. He helped me unload everything and then left for Nicole's trailer, leaving me alone.

Saturday I went to church without him and later found he had spent the entire day in his bed at Nicole's. I went out for frozen yogurt in the afternoon and had two small frozen yogurts with toppings (and not healthy ones!). Trying to get home took forever - there were simply no buses coming, then I missed my connection, then got off one stop too late which took me WAY out of my way. That along with having already eaten way too much crap earlier caused me to binge and I ate an apple fritter from 7-Eleven. :-p

Beck's homemade cinnamon breadI had already eaten a ton of Becky's homemade cinnamon bread and three granola bars at church, plus the yogurt with unhealthy toppings. Breakfast had been Cookie Crisp cereal, cinnamon bread that Brad had left, two bananas, and two Yoplait Light yogurts, and some cottage cheese. I ate "breakfast" throughout the night because I couldn't sleep. I kept waking up to eat until I had eaten so much that I was full and could finally sleep.

So yeah..the whole day was an epic fail.

I had low-fat hots dogs for dinner on low-carb bread with fat-free cheese, plus some cottage cheese. That's the only healthy thing I ate yesterday.

Today I walked to work from my apartment. I made a couple of stops so my total was 6.4 miles instead of 6. It took me just over 2 hours. :) I stuffed myself yesterday so I skipped breakfast and lunch today.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the gym.

Why do I let food control me? Who's in control - me, or that food sitting in front of me? Why do I have to eat it? My body needs very few calories to maintain my weight, so why do I consistently eat more than that?

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Anonymous said...

You made no effort to look after your friend when all he does is look after you and do things for you. Maybe stop thinking about yourself for once.

Arthur_of_Old said...

She does do a lot for me, I don't blog about it. But, she does do things like this last week she lent $600.00 on her credit card to help when I had thought the checkbook in my bag was my bank's. It turned out it was one I had closed the account.

She isn't perfect, but is growing. She is caring and kind. Her blog is more like her inner thought and should be viewed as like listening to someones inner comments about life and her journey in it. I care about her and I know how it must look in her blog, but, understand you don't see the whole of it. We each have a journey to complete and I wish everyone to finish it well. All I can do it point the right direction and pray the Lord look upon me in mercy.

Proverbs 3:5 & 6.

Peace to each of you and may you find the True God of Mercy and Truth: Jesus of Nazareth, who yet lives and intercedes for His people.

Pillsbury Dough Girl said...

Um...dear am I supposed to look after him when he is at someone else's house? I offered to let him stay at my house, offered a glass of wine before he went and/or our favorite TV show. He turned me down on all of it.

So get off your high horse because you weren't here. I offered him stuff and he turned me down.