Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Diet Pills

Calories eaten yesterday: 1196
Fat: 25g (20%)
Carbs: 69g (25%)
Protein: 153g (55%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 210

Went into the City today to get my mail – first time in three weeks. Exercise was walking to the train station and then from my stop to work when I returned.

My thighs and butt are sore from yesterday's workout. Hopefully I can go back to the gym tomorrow.

Decided to stock up on diet pills today. I ended up re-upping my GNC Gold Card and buying Lean System 7 (review) and Rapid Slim SX (review).

On my walk into work I stopped at WalMart for a new Pullman (the same as the one I have now with the "all terrain" wheels). I also bought Lipo 6 Hers (review). I’ll take only one diet pill at a time and decided to start with the Lipo 6. Yes, I’m desperate yet again.

I've taken Lean System 7 before with some success. The other two are ones I've never tried before.

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Justine said...


I have been wanting to comment on your blog for a while now. While I don't quite share Janey's vitriol, I must admit I am worried about you.

You sound like a lovely person, but your obsession with dieting and food can't be good for your mental state. I understand that you are depressed, I suffer from bipolar disorder and gained 70 pounds on my medication. I understand that you have a thyroid problem. I understand that it's a constant battle to keep your weight steady. That said, it is extremely worrying that you are so obsessed with weight and food. You expend so much energy focusing on how badly you're doing, and how much junk you're eating that you feel a sense of failure every time you binge which sets you up for yet another failure because it damages your self-worth.

I think your pride in your weightloss is justified, you have done extremely well. I don't think you should stop working hard. Maybe just stop working so hard against yourself. Love yourself and treat your psyche well. I'm not sure if your beliefs extend to the power of the mind and I understand if that line of though offends you. However, it might be something to bear in mind - our thoughts do have an effect on how our bodies behave. Think good things and good things will happen.

Just one more thing.. I have been on many eating plans and have changed my lifestyle extensively and lost over 30 pounds and have learned one extremely valuable lesson: don't weigh yourself everyday. Your weight fluctuates daily based on your water intake, among other things. Rather set aside a particular day of the week to weigh yourself. Also, you should try measuring yourself. Muscle weighs more than fat and you might find you're 'gaining' but are losing centimeters.

Victoria, you're a lovely person and I am sure I speak for many people when I say I just want you to be happy.

Keep well.

Vickie said...

Victoria, seems to me stress is a major trigger for your binges. Why not focus on techniques for better stress management instead of trying to figure out how to loose the gained weight?