Tuesday, March 06, 2007

More NutriSystem bashing

The bashing on the NutriSystem forum continues. Not content to bash me on one thread, they've now moved to a second thread (the bashing starts at post #9). Someone tell me where I said anything even remotely nasty to deserve being called a "science experiment" and "weird." [Update: Now I've also been called a "witch" and "the wicked witched of the west." Also "troll," "fruitcake," and "terrorist." Seriously, someone please tell me what I did to deserve this.] I really think the low-fat diet has addled these people's minds.

These people's anger is so totally out of proportion to any event, so it got me thinking - that anger has to stem from somewhere deep inside of them - their fears and insecurities. The anger comes from one of a few places.

1) Fear. I challenge assumptions that are so ingrained that they fear being wrong. It would be like waking up and finding out that everything you knew about diet was incorrect, and that's scary. Too scary for most people to even consider that there might be other ways to lose weight that are healthy.

I offered studies and their fear kept them from taking that offer up. After all, what might they find that would shatter their deeply held (though incorrect) beliefs?

2) Need for validation. They are so insecure about their diet that they need constant validation that they are doing the right thing. Just get over it and totally commit already! If I needed people to constantly validate my diet choices I never would have lost anything. Get over yourself and JUST DO IT.

3) Lack of self-esteem. They only way they know to feel better about themselves is to put others down.

4) Lack of scientific knowledge. Without the studies to back up their opinions they attack me. I believe the phrase for that is ad hominem. "An argument that attempts to disprove the truth of what is asserted by attacking the speaker rather than the speaker's argument. Another way of putting it: fallacy where you attack someone's character instead of dealing with salient issues."

Of course, most of these people never took a speech or logic class in college, classes that were required at my school. In learning how to properly debate, we learned about the logical fallacies to avoid.

Not all the people are like that, but 95% of them are. They act like a bunch of second graders. Quite unbecoming for an adult.

Even the moderator got into the act and changed the title of my thread from "PISSED!" to merely "UPSET." LOL! These people are so incredibly insecure! Good grief and good riddance.

A couple of the more encouraging posts:
MY GOD! I just read through as many posts as I can.... for some reason this post passed me by and I have to say I wish it stayed that way.... Everyone seems so high and mighty on this post thinking they know whats best. EVERYONE: get off your high horse.... Lets Size 8 [that's me] have her opinions and do as she pleases... who the heck are you or anyone else to bash her ways or what she thinks? Lay this thread to rest already!

And this one:
All right. STOP IT! Suzi, I'm surprised at you! This girl [me] has NEVER been rude to anyone, yet she's been called names, told she was weird, and she's been sworn at! How dare all of you!! She is not "weird" and she's not a "walking science project." That is so mean! And Suzi you're usually the one who defends people being picked on. And you don't get to tell people what God likes and doesn't like. You have NO idea what her God likes and doesn't like. And if you really are a Christian and yu've "found God," then you'd know to be accepting of ALL people and realize you don't get to tell people how to "act." You all owe this girl an apology! You guys are pissin' me off now!!!

As for me, I'm doing okay without support and now on day 3. I can live with this as long as I lose weight, but I won't take another official weight until later this week. Last night after my bedtime snack and in my jammies I was 152, so that is encouraging.

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Annieann77 said...

Congrats on your unofficial loss, and it's good to hear that you still have a good attitude even though everyone seems to like picking on you! ? Good luck with NS and hopefully everyone will stop bugging you so much!?