Monday, March 26, 2007


Calories eaten yesterday: 1410
Fat: 35g (23%)
Carbs: 86g (25%)
Protein: 140g (41%)

Weight this morning: 145.2
Calories burned in exercise today: 0

Fun fun. Brad had "something come up" and decided last night that he couldn't work today. Jon (boss) is off today, so that left Lisa and I to cover. Normally, Lisa and I would just do 12 hour shifts, 11 to 11, but she had to take her Mom to the doctor this morning so she couldn't stay until 11 a.m. So she picked me up at 7:45 this morning (needless to say I didn't get much sleep) and I'm working 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. and then she will come in at 8 p.m. and work until 7 a.m. tomorrow morning, assuming Brad does come back tomorrow. The good side to this is I can use the overtime and she drove me here this morning and said she will drive me home tonight.

Hey, at least I'll get home much earlier than usual and be able to enjoy some of the evening TV programs I usually miss. :) I'll also have more time to inflate the exercise ball I bought yesterday. I was barely able to start it last night. After being asked to come in early I got ready for bed in a hurry!

Anyway, due to the overtime and getting driven to work I won't get any exercise today. Today was supposed to be my bi-monthly run into San Francisco, but I'll do it tomorrow. Then grocery shopping Wednesday and I'll hit the gym again on Thursday.

I got a compliment at church on Saturday. Hedda (I'm not sure how to spell it) reminded me of a few weeks ago at Brent's house when we saw "One Night With the King" on video. I had missed church that day due to illness, but felt well enough to show up for the movie that evening. Hedda said I was wearing a tank top and that her daughter Joy, talking about me, said to her, "Wow Mommy, she has muscles." Hedda told Joy, "That's because she works out."

I'm not sure when Joy made that comment - if I flexed my muscles or if Joy just noticed I was toned without me flexing, but I thought it was cool either way. :)

More NutriSystem food reviews:
Hot Cocoa dessert - Pretty good. At 80 calories and 12g of protein it's healthier than any other commercial mix (even the no sugar added ones) and tasted just as good. However, due to the high protein content, it does have more calories than the no sugar added mixes.

Tuna Salad lunch - As I stated in yesterday's entry, I can't tell the difference between the tuna and chicken salads and since I need to eat fish and the tuna has 1g less carbs and 1g more protein, I'd just as soon go with that.

My next order is shipping soon and I still have some foods to try. Keep looking for more reviews with links to photos!

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