Thursday, March 01, 2007

My food has shipped!...maybe

Calories eaten yesterday: 1621
Fat: 64g (36%)
Carbs: 60g (15%)
Protein: 148g (37%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 273

I'm getting these things posted later and later each day. My apologies. Today has just been crazy busy with stuff. Personal stuff. Not even work stuff.

First, I want to welcome anyone who came here from the NutriSystem bulletin board. Welcome, welcome to my humble diet and fitness blog. I am all about not just weight loss, but weight maintenance, and getting healthy. I do advocate a lower-carb diet and make no apologies.

Oh cool! I felt an earthquake as I started typing that last paragraph. Comes with living near San Francisco! :) According to the USGS Website it was a 4.3. Not sure which fault it was on except that I can tell it was in the Easy Bay and not on the famous San Andreas fault.

Made it to the gym today. Did an hour of weights and 30 minutes of cardio on the Treadclimber. Whew!

Did I mention I can do men's push-ups now? Yep! I first noticed a couple days ago. I can only do about two, but I no longer only go halfway down. I am getting there! Women's push-ups I can do about 10. The men's - now that's the benchmark. As my woman's muscle mag said, "Girl's push-up don't count."

Called NutriSystem this morning about where my food is and why the Web site is still showing it hasn't been shipped. The lady I talked to said my order hadn't been processed, much less shipped. I left a message for the guy I ordered from on Monday, but he didn't call me back.

I called Bill Me Later, the company paying NutriSystem, and then I pay them back as I am able. Pretty much like a credit card, but without the card. I thought maybe if NutiSystem can't tell me anything, maybe they can. They said the ball was in NS's court and to call them. I talked to a lady who told me it was shipped today. Praise God! It's still showing up on the Web site as not shipped, though. I'll believe it when the site says it's been shipped.

So I won't be starting on Sunday, but sometime next week. Until then, I'll just stick to Atkins.

Tomorrow is my Saturday. I have an appointment to get my teeth whitened at 2 p.m. Brad will pick me up at the dentist's office around 4 p.m. and we will go shopping for more chocolate low-carb Soy Slender soy milk, cat litter, and probably a few other things. Then hopefully we can walk around the lake a couple times. I need the exercise.

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sheryl.d said...


I think you will really like the Nutrisystem food. I stopped lowcarbing and now just focus on foods with a low glycemic load as a way to control my weight. It's working; I'm losing slowly. I hated counting carb grams all day long, and besides IMHO I feel focusing on glycemic load is a more sophisticated, up to date approach in controlling blood sugar.

You will find (hopefully, as I have), that Nutrisystem foods are very filling, despite their smallish size! That is because the GL is so low. I always supplement with a lot of veggies and sometimes fruit as dessert.


sheryl.d said...

P.S. I often supplement with added fat as well (I use Benecol margarine). When I do this, I find the added fat (sometimes a tb. of margarine stirred into the food), will keep me full literally for hours!

Mr and Mrs Fat said...

that soy slender is the bomb. great stuff. love love love.

- The Fats