Monday, March 05, 2007

NutriSystem - food reviews, bashing me, and photos

Calories eaten yesterday: 1159
Fat: 36g (28%)
Carbs: 83g (28%)
Protein: 89g (31%)

Calories burned in exercise today: 275

I finally hit 1000 miles walked yesterday! See the little boxes in the upper right hand column? Woohoo! Go me! That's 1/3 of the way across the U.S. and gets me into the 1000 miles walked category in the Hall of Fame on Walker Tracker. :)

Thin crust cheese pizza review - I like that everything is separate - you have to put the cheese and sauce on the little pizza. Anyone who knows me knows I dislike pizza sauce, plus it's usually high in sugar. So I tossed the sauce packet and just put the cheese on. It was pretty good. I liked it. Total carbs: 24g and 1g fiber. Blood sugar test: 84 before, 113 after. That's a rise of 29 points. Not bad. Acceptable for the short term of this diet.

Scrambled Eggs review - Passable, but not the greatest. Powdered eggs just will never compare to the real thing. Still, it was a decent sized serving for not many calories, so I can't complain. Eggs will be a mainstay breakfast for me because of the high protein and low carbs. All the other breakfast foods have a lot of added sugar.

Chocolate Drink Mix (lunch) review - tastes okay, but it needs more water than the 10 oz. they say to add. Passable, but nothing to write home about. Not good as a lunch, thought. Didn't do a think to fill me up. It would be better as a snack/dessert food. Blood sugar test was encouraging, though I wasn't able to test right at 45 minutes after. 83 before, 81 after. So it's very good for blood sugar.

I will admit that I have some old starch blocker pills and I am taking those before eating anything high-carb from NutriSystem. I doubt it does much good, but it can't hurt at least.

Day 2 of NutriSystem for me, but it looks like I'm going to have to do it alone. The people on the NS boards have done their best to talk me out of it. They are stuck in an "NS is the ONLY way" mindset, and most can't accept that other programs work as well.

Here's the thread. I admit to coming on strong, but hoo boy! I am reminded about a post from Dr. Eades about how vegetarians and vegans can be super angry. I wonder if that's what's going on here. Fat deficiency perhaps? There's something going on with them to make them so angry. It's scary that so many people are like that. It's double scary that some of the most vile are mothers. I feel sorry for any kid with a mother who can fly off the handle like that. I'm blessed to be surrounded by such nice people in real life.

Low-carbers never get this angry. It's like they are secure in themselves and their dietary choices so they have no need to put down others. I have never put down someone doing a diet (unless is is blatantly unhealthy, such as eating only processed foods). I have supported people in any healthy dietary choices - Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins, the Zone, NutriSystem. Why can these people not do the same? Could it be that they are insecure and must be constantly validated? If they read something that doesn't validate them, they get angry.

At any rate, they have been anything BUT supportive, so I guess I'll have to tough this out alone.

My hits here have sure increased! I'm currently averaging just under 100 a day when my normal was about 50 before (increasing to 75 just after the new year). I think a lot of the anger over there is what I write here and that they can't do a thing about it. I got rid of possible trolls by disallowing anonymous comments, and since few people there have a Blogger account, they are taking out their inability to do anything about what I write here over on there. Hey guys, I'll post anything you e-mail me that you want me to. I only delete comments that are abusive, but I welcome differing opinions here.

I totally did not get my water drunk yesterday. I was so busy online that I never got to my water. I did have my hot and cold tea and my two diet Cokes, though. I'm trying to do better today, but it's hard because I'm spending so much time just defending myself against their "NutriSystem is the only way" blindness. Most don't actually read my posts. They sees my name and just blow their stack. I've noticed this other times this has happened. People see the name and automatically stop listening.

*sigh* Well, here's some photos of me opening my NutriSystem stuff. Sorry they are so lousy. I really need a new camera. My current one predates Xena.

Me with my NutriSystem box
me with my NutriSystem box

Unpacking my food
me with my NutriSystem food

Showing off some of my food
me with my NutriSystem food

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Sparky's Girl said...

Hang in there lady. You know what is best for you and no one else can tell you any different. I can think of a couple of low-carb forums that would be happy to have you around.. even though your plan is different. I have no idea why people get so huffy over food differences. Like you said.. must be insecurity in their own choices.

Annieann77 said...

I think part of their problem is the way you started the post on the NS forum?! They just didn't really understand you yet!?

I'm not sure... I do know that you do/say a lot of things that I find odd but everyone does thing differently!? I'm not going to say bad things to you for trying to incorporate different diets together. You need to find what works for you and just stick to it!

Good luck ! :)

Fat Victoria said...

I'm not trying to incorporate different diets together. I know this is low-fat and Atkins most certainly isn't. I just want to incorporate more protein into the plan is all. Why is that treated like a cardinal sin? What is wrong with subbing out protein for some of the carbs? They have the same number of calories per gram.

What I don't get is why they keep attacking me long after my rant and anger was over, and why they feel a need to name call and put me down. That's second grade playground behavior. Some of them treat NS like God and anything that differs from oththodoxy freaks them out.

I started NS because I wanted a diet with support and so far they have done their best to get rid of me.

[goes back to munching carrots]