Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Week 3, Day 3

Calories eaten yesterday: 1435
Fat: 34g (22%)
Carbs: 97g (27%)
Protein: 149g (42%)

Weight this morning: 147.4
Calories burned in exercise today: 102

Today was grocery day. I thought my grocery bill would do down when I started NutriSystem, but so far it's running about $100 per week. Also, I can see I'm going to run out of lunches way before I run out of dinners so I bought some of the lower carb Smart Ones frozen meals today.

There is no room in my freezer! There's Atkins meals in there (meat and veggies in Tupperware), various bags of frozen veggies, some ancient frozen low-carb Lean Pockets, a huge bag of cooked and frozen chicken breasts, one package of low-carb ice cream, and now as many Smart Ones dinners as I could stuff in. I had to take the ground beef out and put it in the fridge. Oh well. Brad and I will have tacos on Saturday and use up the rest then.

I did find more Splenda-sweetened Diet Coke today. I could really only carry one case home even though they had more, so I bought the one and it's in my fridge now. :) I am a diet soda addict and love it when I can find Diet Coke with Splenda. Diet Coke is my favorite drink. They discontinued the type with Splenda so it's getting harder and harder to find.

No time for the gym because of the grocery shopping. I just walked from the train station to work. It was threatening to rain but didn't so I made it to work dry. Calories burned: 102.

The money from Dad came today. As soon as my employer reimburses me for their portion of my recent dental stuff I might be able to cover the rent.

I'll be having the NutriSystem chicken breast tonight and review it tomorrow. I'm going to doctor it up with one slice of fat free cheese and a tablespoon or two of salsa.

I tested my blood sugar after eating a mini bag of popcorn today. Net carbs eaten - 19g. Blood sugar before - 103. Blood sugar 50 minutes after - 136. That's a rise of 33 points. Not great. :-p

Ah well. Life - and food - aren't perfect. America is a country of carb addicts, and most people don't even realize they're addicted, or that grains trigger the pleasure center in the brain, the same center that is triggered by illegal drugs. No wonder we find it so hard to give up carbs!

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cass said...

sooo.... i know that aspartame is bad for you as it has been linked to all sorts of diseases. is that the reason so many carb watchers and diabetics prefer splenda to nutrasweat? are there any other nutritional aspects that make one better than the other?

Fat Victoria said...

I think it's mostly the health issue, plus Splenda can be cooked with and NutraSweet can't.

If Coke still had the Splenda type on the market I'd buy it since I know it's healthier than the stuff with NutriSweet. As it is only Diet Rite and Hansen's are sweetened with Splenda.

cass said...

i read that pepsione also uses splenda. ^0^

Fat Victoria said...

It does, if you can find it and like Pepsi. I prefer Coke and will go a bit out of my way. I only drink Pepsi when Coke isn't available. :)

Arthur_of_Old said...

Yep, Cass she's a dedicated diet coke addict. Since this iiiiiiis the internet, and gossip is rampant; this is COCA-COLA without sugar and sweetened with Splenda.

If they read fast, or as I do sometimes glance, it might be read she is a dedicated coke addict. She is; DIET coke alone. Nooooooo not a diet of coke alone. Buuut, Diet Coke alone versus a diet oooF COKE alone, which she does not do. So no Coke, but Diet Coca-Cola. Although, Coca-Cola was based on the Coca plant, therefore cocaine. Yet that is another story. =-)=-P