Thursday, March 15, 2007

Week 2, Day 5

NutriSystem scrambled eggsCalories eaten yesterday: 1248
Fat: 27g (20%)
Carbs: 114g (37%)
Protein: 92g (30%)

I never got around to drinking the NutriSystem chocolate shake dessert yesterday. That helped get my calories down. I'll have it today. Today's calories are higher. It's my long day with a workout in the morning, work, and then laundry at night. At least I don't have any cooking to do. All I have to do is prep my salad for tomorrow.

Weight this morning: 143.8
Calories burned in exercise today: 267

I'm jazzed. Looking over my calendar (bet some of you never noticed the calendar link to the right), it looks like next week is pretty free of appointments and errands so I should be able to make it to the gym more often.

I'm bushed today. Two nights in a row of not enough sleep made my workout a struggle. It took a while to find my groove, but once I did, I seemed to do my weights fine. One hour of weight and 30 minutes cardio on the elliptical. I needed an energy drink afterwords (sugar free of course).

Today's my late night doing laundry. I just hope I can get to bed at a reasonable enough time to get enough sleep tonight. My dental appointment is at three, but there is some other stuff I have to do before I go.

My Atkins anniversary is coming up in just a couple weeks! I can't believe it's been almost three years since I started this journey to better health through proper diet.'s my Friday. TGIF! I am looking forward to walking with Brad on a location other than the lake! LOL! I am so sick of walking around the lake. I'll bring a snack with me because we go for loooong walks. Six miles is about our average. I'm also looking forward to dinner at Applebees.

But first I have to get through four fillings tomorrow. Eek! I hope I get a good dentist who knows what he's doing and that they don't keep me waiting forever. Brad might come over later, but I'll have to take the bus home.

I'll hold onto the rent check for a while so I have a chance to turn in my receipt and get my money back. Hopefully it will be fast enough to get me through until my next payday. I'm not buying anything unnecessary out of my next paycheck except for one thing I have had my eye on for a long time: the Flowbar. It's $40, would be a way to add to my fitness equipment at home, and is small enough to easily fit into my studio apartment. It also comes recommended from someone on the Muscular Development Forums. :)

It would also be a huge help if Dad would sent me the March check. It still hasn't come.

On the NS boards, I've now been called a "bay area whack job." And yes, the person didn't capitalize "Bay Area" as they should have. In fact, they didn't capitalize anything. So let's see, I'm supposed to take someone seriously who doesn't know the most basic rules of writing? Yeah, right. I tell you, low-carbers are so much more stable than those who follow a low-fat diet. Low-carbers have supported me in this diet; NutriSystem folks have not. I wonder why that is. No, actually, I don't. I've already speculated about the reasons here. Jimmy Moore and the Low-Carb Christians Support Board have both been very welcoming.

I'd link to the name-calling post, but I reported it so I expect it will be nuked by a moderator shortly. Ah yes, name-calling - the last bastion of those who don't have any facts. Because of this they resort to name-calling to call people's attention away from the fact that they have no valid argument. It's one of the logical fallacies of debate we studied in college.

This person also criticized me for being "self-taught." If only more people were self-taught maybe this country wouldn't have the obesity epidemic we have today! I do all my own research - I don't go on a low-fat diet just because "my doctor told me so." I find out the facts and pros and cons. Why did he recommend that diet? Where's the studies to back it up? I believe in taking charge of my own health.

The problem is most people hand over their health to a doctor or other health professional and trust them completely. (I've seen where this has gotten my Dad and I ain't going there!) I prefer to read and read some more and get opinions from many people - not just one doctor or one nutritionist or one personal trainer, but all of the above.

My health is MY responsibility, not my doctor's. I have to live in this body every day; my doctor doesn't.

More NutriSystem food reviews:
Scrambled Eggs with Veggie Sausage Crumble - Edible, but not great. It's powdered eggs you add water to. It's also the only NS breakfast that fits a lower-carb lifestyle, so I'll be eating a lot of it. It did fill me up better than the other breakfasts I've tried. Must be the low carbs and high protein. :) I wasn't hungry at the gym at all.

Turkey Hot Dogs - I've tasted better, but I used a slice of low-carb whole wheat bread and a tablespoon of salsa and that helped cover the taste. I'll reorder one package (which is three servings).

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Diamondwife said...

It is great to be self-taught. No one diet or WOE works for everyone and only you (generic "you")know what works for you.