Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Personal Training

applesCalories eaten yesterday: 1270
Fat: 22g (16%)
Carbs: 129g (42%)
Protein: 126g (41%)
Weight this morning: 131.4 (One week ago: 130.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 191

Someone made me aware that the above links that say "Calories eaten yesterday" with "yesterday" linking to my FitDay journal have been wrong. I went back and edited all of them on Monday. They have been wrong since the beginning of the year! Yikes! When the year changed from 2007 to 2008 I remembered to change the month in the URL, but not the year. It's all fixed now and the FitDay links will go to the correct day. :) And a big THANK YOU to "Bobby" for mentioning it in an e-mail to me.

Today didn't go at all as planned. Not bad exactly - just not what I planned. I had that free half hour personal training session so I figured I'd have the personal training from 11:30 to noon, and then do my regular workout from noon to 1:30 as usual.

The girl I was supposed to see, "Lauren," wasn't in. The lesbian girl who works there and I see at BART frequently was available, so they put me with her, which is okay. She first spent a half hour getting a history of my health, my usual workout, and my food. She said I need to eat close to 2000 calories a day and eat a lot more carbs. Um...I gain fat at 1600 calories; I'm not going to eat 2000. Yike! She also did my measurements.

Then we started the exercises. She picked up the same posture problem I have that Jason did - my posture is like a brand new vacuum cleaner: it sucks big time. She wants me to work on my back, with the theory being that strong abs pull you forward and a strong back will help keep me from slouching as much. So we only did back exercises.

She showed me correct form on some old exercises that I wasn't doing anymore - the dumbbell row and the weight-assisted chin up. Also correct form on the dual axis row, which I had been doing totally wrong. Heck, I was doing everything totally wrong!

She also showed me some new ball exercises - the rear delt raise and "Diving Into the Pool." I did these without weights. Eventually she wants me to move up to the 2 1/2 pound weights.

She wants me to do 2-3 sets (I forget now!) of 15 reps on everything until I learn the correct form, and to go s...l...o...w. She said she will call me in a couple weeks and recheck my form, so I need to work hard on it. When I get the form down she wants me to do all sets heavy with fewer reps. Still, I need to go lighter than I was going to keep my form.

At this point is was past 1, and by the time I left her it was 1:15. I did a few other upper body things - biceps, triceps (which are feeling better, thank you!), and chest. There was NO time for cardio.

I had my protein and carb snack at BART and then walked the last 1.5 miles to work, stopping at WalMart for more Special K Protein Plus, South Beach meal bars, gum, and bread.

I'm feeling kind of depressed that she criticized my diet so much. :( It also hurt that she critiqued my form, but I know that was necessary so I can handle it. The diet thing stings, though. I am carb sensitive so I need to be careful of them.

So I'm kinda down after all this and didn't get any endorphin rush because I didn't get to do my cardio. *sigh*

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Carol Bardelli said...

Personal trainers have a bad habit of recommending a one-size-fits-all diet for everyone. We know better! Everyone's body and metabolism is different. Do what you know works for you and don't let anyone make you feel bad about it.

Your form may not have been perfect on every exercise but you've built a lot of muscle just since I started reading your blog regularly a year or so ago. You're doing plenty right. Cheers!