Wednesday, April 30, 2008

S&M - Not what you think

Calories eaten yesterday: 1221
Fat: 24g (18%)
Carbs: 100g (33%)
Protein: 140g (47%)
Weight this morning: 130.4 (One week ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 482

S&M - stress and money.

Looks like I'll be moving again. :( I am not happy about it. I found a letter stuck in my door last night informing me that my rent will be going up again. "Stress" would be a major understatement. They want nearly $800 for my studio apartment and they will have to find it from someone else because I can't afford it. They have finally priced me out. The current owners care more about money than keeping a good tenant.

I dug the cage out of the closet and opened the bottom door to acclimate the cats. Xena jumped right in. It was her home when she was a kitten and she's totally relaxed there. I actually had to pull her out at bedtime to get her on my bed! Abby is wary and she's the one I need to trap. I've trapped her there twice before for moves and she is not falling for it this time. I can't pick her up so getting her in the cage is my only hope of moving her. This is a large cage. Here's an old photo of Abby in the cage with her kittens.

I called my old counselor today because she works at Teen Challenge and they have helped me move twice before. She gave me the number to call and I left a message for the person who coordinates that sort of thing.

Another major stresser in my life - bus fares will be raised again. A monthly pass will go from $70 to $80 and the base fare will go from $1.75 to $2.

As if all this wasn't bad enough Lisa left a melted ice cream drink in the small freezer here at work. It was in a plastic cup with a flimsy lid, laying on its side because the freezer is so small. It was melted because the freezer doesn't freeze well.

I had to pull it out to get to my Boca burgers. While trying to put it back in the lid came off and the sticky drink spilled everywhere. Brad helped me clean it up but I was just beside myself at this point. I took a couple mouthfuls out of what was left before trashing it, and candy chunks were all over the refrigerator and counter and I ate several of those. Then I went to the gas station across the street to get a large Diet Coke to calm my nerves. I counted the mouthfuls I took and the candy chunks I ate as my two bites of chocolate that I would normal eat to calm me.

I'm a major stress case worrying about the move and worrying about Abby. :(

Money issues are dogging me as well, and not just regarding the move. My grocery bill has been way up since the beginning of the year and I am barely scraping by. I don't know how I will afford to move, but I certainly can't afford to stay. So money is a major issue right now.

Anyway, pretty standard gym day. Felt pretty good - strong and good energy level. I did an hour of upper body - arms, shoulders, and back. Then I ran on the treadmill for 30 minutes. I started slow but was able to maintain 6 mph and above for a good while and managed to average a 10 minute mile. Yay me!

On the downside of that, my pedometer only counted 24 of the 30 minutes. Grrr..... I wonder how many steps I lost. On the plus side, my size medium bicycle shorts were practically falling off of me as I ran and might be part of the problem with the step counting.

I walked to work from the train station, stopping for the basics I need - cottage cheese, veggies, and salad. I paid with what little cash I had in my wallet since my bank account is empty. *sigh*

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Amy Dungan (aka Sparky's Girl) said...

Hi Victoria,

Sadly your not the only one in this predicament. Many are struggling right now because of the economy. Everything is going up except wages. :(

You'll be in our prayers as you deal with all this. We've been in your shoes, with two small children, and it's very stressful an scary. But God takes care of His own. Just hang in there and when necessary remind yourself that He's in control.