Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sabbath video series up, & more on Alli

Calories eaten yesterday: 1181
Fat: 21g (16%)
Carbs: 105g (36%)
Protein: 138g (47%)
Weight this morning: 132.4 (One week ago: 135.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 469

Finally a normal gym day! I did upper body today - arms, shoulders, and back - for one hour. My strength wasn't as great as I'd like. I need to keep at this more regularly or my strength suffers. :( After that I ran on the treadmill and did much better. I set it at a 0.5% incline (I usually use no incline), and started at 5.2 mph. However, I was able to get up to 6.0 and sustain it, and get far enough above that for long enough that I was just able to eek out 3 miles in 30 minutes. My final was 3.01 miles in 30 minuntes, 1 second. So I'm counting that as a 10 minute mile because that was my average. I got as high as 7 mph, but couldn't sustain it for very long.

I walked to work from the train station after having my protein and carb snack.

I finally finished my video series on the Sabbath and have those videos uploaded now. Click here to watch them all in order.

me with Alli starter packI keep forgetting to mention an incident I had with Alli. If bathroom talk offends you, then skip the rest of this post. You have been warned!

It happened a week ago Sunday, after my Saturday/Sunday race binge. I had eaten a lot of fat and taken a lot of Alli to counteract it. I farted at some point and then laid on my bed to watch TV and relax. Brad was with me. When I got up he pointed out that I had a brown stain on my nightshirt. He was right. I had a large brown stain. I changed my underwear and put on a new nightshirt and figured that was it.

I was wrong. When I went back to my bed I found the kitty blanket (to protect my blanket from cat hair) also had a brown stain on it. *sigh* I lifted the kitty blanket and found my white blanket also had the stain. I eventually found that the stain went through the blanket, through the top and bottom sheet, and all the way down to the mattress pad! Eek!

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