Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just stuff...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1299
Fat: 29g (19%)
Carbs: 94g (29%)
Protein: 167g (50%)
Weight this morning: 132.8 (One week ago: n/a)
Calories burned in exercise today: 83

Went into San Francisco to check my mail and that was about it. Bought some groceries on the walk in to work. Dannon is getting rid of their 60 calorie yogurts, adding sugar, and re-releasing them as 80 calories. I have been buying up all the 60 calorie ones I can afford, and yes, I wrote Dannon to express my displeasure and told them that they will be losing this customer.

I'm very hungry today after two days of working out hard and eating low calorie. I bought some cerely sticks at the store and ate the whole package, lol! But celery is very low calorie so it didn't hurt my diet.

My 1-day "vacation" is tentatively set for August 28. That's a Thursday and I am taking one vacation day and cashing it in to find this one. That will use up the rest of them. I'm going to go into the City and just kind of hit a bunch of cool places, such as Buena Vista for their Irish coffee and Hooters, plus that little wine shop on Pier 39 that Brad and I discovered before. Maybe I'll hit some of the tourist attractions. I'll try not to eat too bad, lol.

Then Brad and I are supposed to rent a paddle boat at Lake Chabot on Friday (and he's taking a half day off). We'll see if he has his half of the money for it or if it mysteriously gets eaten up. They aren't that expensive and we are each paying half so his part is super cheap, but things always seem to happen.

Not sure if I'll go to the gym tomorrow. I am still getting over the rest of this cold and might just sleep in. My legs are so sore from my workout yesterday I'm not sure what cardio I would be up to anyway. I'm just plain tired and my thyroid and iron pills don't seem to be helping.

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