Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Thyriod, Vitamins, & Glucose Tolerance Test results

Calories eaten yesterday: 1237
Fat: 24g (17%)
Carbs: 95g (30%)
Protein: 163g (52%)
Weight this morning: 132.2 (One week ago: 130.2)
Calories burned in exercise today: 419

Ok, I had some further tests run after some of my initial thyroid tests came back funky. Here's the full rundown. I'm definitely hypothyroid, but don't understand all the numbers.

T-4 Total: 5.3. The range is 4.5-12.5. In range.

T-3 Uptake: 35.5. The range is 22-35. OUT of range, high.

Free T3: 149. The NEW reference range is 230-420. OUT of range, low. WAY out of range.
I'm thinking this may be the key right here.

Free Thyroxine Index: 1.9. The range is 1.4-3.8. In range, but low.
Thyroxine-Free (Free T4): 0.9...range is 0.8-1.8. In range, but low.

TSH...4.07...range is 0.4-4.5. In range. This is the old range. In the new range I can't be above 3.0 and would be OUT of range, high.

Thyoid antibodies:
Peroxidose Ab
TPO...<10...the range is <35
Thyroglobulin Abs...<20...the range is <20.

So if I am reading this right I don't have any thyroid antibodies?

Vitamin B12...1787...the range is 200-1100, so I am out of range, but high.
Vitamin D, 1-25-dihydroxy...56...range is 15-60
Vitamin D 25, total...39...range is 20-100
Vitamin D 25, range given
Vitamin D 25, D2...< range given
Ferritin...23...range is 10-154 (from what I hear, ferritin should be closer to 70)

So my vitamins look okay? I do take a supplement with B-12 in it and spend a lot of time outside without sunscreen for vitamin D.

I got my 5 hour glucose tolerance tests back also. The insulin results are still pending but I had some hypoglycemia going on during hours 2 and 3. Hours 4 and 5 my blood sugar started to come back up again.
Fasting glucose: 70
Then I drank 100g of dextrose.
Hour 1: 46
Hour 2: 39
Hour 3: 30
Hour 4: 66 (coming back up again)
Hour 5: 72

So some hypoglycemia and then in hour 4 my liver kicked in and did what it should to get my blood sugar back up. But it does explain why I felt so crappy halfway through the test.

Exercise today was one hour or upper body work, mostly arms, shoulders, and lats. Then I ran 31 minutes on the treadmill (3 miles), and finally walked to work from the train stations, about 30 minutes, 1.5 miles.

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