Sunday, August 31, 2008

Worst. Weekend. Ever. And Week 75 Weigh-In

Start: 154
Week 1: 150 (-4) - Week 2: 148.6 (-1.4)
Week 3: 146 (-2.6) - Week 4: 147.2 (+1.2)
Week 5: 145.6 (-1.6) - Week 6: 144 (-1.6)
Week 7: 143 (-1) - Week 8: 142.8 (-0.2)
Week 9: 143.6 (+0.8) - Week 10: 141.2 (-2.4)
Week 11: 143.8 (+2.6) - Week 12: 142.4 (-1.4)
Week 13: 142.4 (-0) - Week 14: 141.6 (-0.8)
Week 15: 139.4 (-2.2) - Week 16: 140 (+0.6)
Week 17: 139.2 (-0.8) - Week 18: 139 (-0.2)
Week 19: 138 (-1) - Week 20: 135.4 (-2.6)
Week 21: 137.2 (+1.8) - Week 22: 139.6 (+2.4)
Week 23: 143.2 (+3.6) - Week 24: 143.6 (+0.4)
Week 25: 137.6 (-6) - Week 26: 139.6 (+2)
Week 27: 142 (+2.4) - Week 28: 137.2 (-4.8)
Week 29: 137 (-0.2) - Week 30: 136.8 (-0.2)
Week 31: 142.2 (+5.4) - Week 32: 136.8 (-5.4)
Week 33: 137.8 (+1) - Week 34: 135.8 (-2)
Week 35: 137.6 (+1.8) - Week 36: 143.8 (+6.2)
Week 37: 142.8 (-1) - Week 38: 140 (-2.8)
Week 39: 142.4 (+2.4) - Week 40: 140.4 (-2)
Week 41: 139.6 (-0.8) - Week 42: 142 (+2.4)
Week 43: N/A - Week 44: 141 (-1)
Week 45: 138.8 (-2.2) - Week 46: 139.6 (+0.8)
Week 47: 133.6 (-6) - Week 48: 132.4 (-1.2)
Week 49: 138.6 (+6.2) - Week 50: 138.4 (-0.2)
Week 51: 138.8 (+0.4) - Week 52: 139.4 (+0.6)
Week 53: 137.8 (-1.6) - Week 54: 139.4 (+1.6)
Week 55: 137.6 (-1.8) - Week 56: 136.4 (-1.2)
Week 57: 136.6 (+0.2) - Week 58: 139.4 (+2.8)
Week 59: 136.6 (-2.8) - Week 60: 134.6 (-2)
Week 61: 137 (+2.4) - Week 62: 138.6 (+1.6)
Week 63: 137 (-1.6) - Week 64: 137 (-0)
Week 65: 141.8 (+4.8) - Week 66: 135.4 (-6.4)
Week 67: 136 (+0.6) - Week 68: 139.2 (+3.2)
Week 69: 137.2 (-2) - Week 70: 138.2 (+1)
Week 71: 136.4 (-1.8) - Week 72: 140 (+3.6)
Week 73: 139.4 (-0.6) - Week 74: 140 (+0.6)
Week 75: 137.6 (-2.4)
Total loss: -16.4

Ok, now to catch up on other numbers.

Calories eaten Wednesday: 1230
Fat: 28g (20%)
Carbs: 92g (30%)
Protein: 156g (50%)
Weight Wednesday morning: 129.8 (One week ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise Wednesday: 89

I was in San Francisco on Thursday playing tourist for part of the day, then got called into work. :( Anyway, I ate all my meals out.
Weight Thursday morning: 129 (One week ago: 129)
Calories burned in exercise Thursday: 0

Calories eaten Friday: 1165
Fat: 16g (13%)
Carbs: 75g (27%)
Protein: 91g (33%)
Weight Friday morning: n/a (One week ago: 128.2)
Calories burned in exercise Friday: 0

Weight Saturday Weight Saturday morning: 136.2 (One week ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise Saturday: 0

Calories burned in exercise today: 69

It's been a really long weekend. The past three days have just been from hell. Let's start at the beginning. If you don't want to read this post, that's fine. This is more of a public journal entry and may interest no one but myself.

I wanted Thursday, August 28th off so I could have a little one day vacation and play tourist in San Francisco. I called "S" and asked her if she wanted to fill in for me; I also asked for a few hours off on September 3 for a doctor's appointment. "S" was in Indiana at the time (on vacation) and evidently didn't write down the dates. When she finally did, she remembered the first date wrong as Thursday, September 25th, and went on the make plans for August 28th.

I had told her the correct date; she wrote it down wrong. However, because I failed to conform via e-mail (the only mistake *I* made), the wrong thing was about to be pinned 100% on me because - you guessed it - "S" didn't show up to cover my shift, and I was in San Francisco at the time, near Marina Green, at the cable car turnaround.

Let's start at the very beginning. Before the shit hit the fan, I was having a really good day. I left home without breakfast or coffee and had a donut at a donut shop, then a thick slab of pumpkin loaf with chocolate chips with a cut of regular coffee at a coffee shop.

I went to the ferry, only to discover that I had the wrong ferry. I had double checked and was pretty sure I was right, but I was not. Two guys were there checking out the schedule and they offered me a ride to BART so I could take BART into the City.

Once in San Francisco I bought a bus/cable car day pass and took the F trolley to Pier 39 to shop for a while. I bought socks and a nightshirt and had two ladies take a picture of me with Alcatraz in the background. I also saw the sea lions that take over a section of docks every year. There used to be boats docked there, but the sea lions pushed them out.

I went to Starbucks and had a latte with a chocolate biscotti and a petite vanilla scone. Then on to Hooters where I had Mozzarella Sticks with a light beer and got a photo taken of me and my waitress. I really love that restaurant. Then I went to Subway and had a low-fat turkey sub on sourdough, a large Diet Coke, and two cookies. I ate one and saved the other for later.

I walked up to Buena Vista, where the best Irish coffee is made, but I wasn't hungry and didn't want to drink too much yet. The cable car turnaround was right there so I got in line and figured I'd take a cable car ride downtown and back, then have the Irish coffees. It was while I waited in line that all hell broke loose re: work.

See, it doesn't matter that "S" didn't confirm my time off with me, or that her name was clearly written down on the shift calendar. It doesn't matter that she verbally told me she would work that shift and that she had written it down wrong. It doesn't matter that my boss "J" didn't confirm with either of us. Nope, none of that makes any difference. Because I failed to send one e-mail, "J" - being judge and god of this department - said it was 100% my fault and called me in. "It's on you. It's your shift," were his words to me.

All this was compounded because "L" had called in sick the night before and Brad had filled in for her, leaving boss "J" to fill in Brad's morning shift. When no one shows up to relieve the boss, it's really bad.

No one believed me when I said I needed the day off. They just assumed that I wanted it and since "J" and "S" both had vacations, they didn't understand the stress I have been under. Other than being sick, I haven't taken any time off in ages. I couldn't go to Conference this year, so I never had any time to destress.

I melted down. I cried, in public, all the way from the cable car turnaround to BART. I was hurting too bad to care, but I did keep my sunglasses on. I stopped briefly at Starbucks in San Francisco to buy comfort food and stuff myself even though I wasn't hungry. I also ate my other Subway cookie. Total stress eating.

Brad picked me up at BART and I had a complete meltdown. Thank God "J" had left for the day. "S" got out of there fast, not knowing how to deal with me and blaming me for her having to come in for the hour or so it took me to get to work from SF. Poor baby. NOT!

I couldn't stop crying and certainly couldn't work. The stress overtook me and left me completely unable to do anything. Brad finally called "L" and asked her to come a little early. She couldn't make it until 8 p.m., so Brad got "M" from downstairs to fill-in until "L" got there.

I didn't want to go home. I was far too upset and wanted to drink. So we went to Applebee's and I had two Mochatinis and a glass of wine, plus I bought a burger and fries dinner to go. Brad and I did some grocery shopping, then went home and I had my collapsed again. I reheated my Applebee's dinner a little later and had that. I couldn't sleep, however, and it was around dawn when I finally fell asleep.

(Fair warning: skip the next paragraph if bathroom talk offends you. You have been warned.)

I slept until the afternoon on Friday and was in no shape to go paddleboating with Brad, plus it was too late anyway. I didn't leave the house all day, but managed a modicum of housework. The mental stress took it's toll physically and I had bad diarrhea all that day and part of Saturday too. In fact, when I woke up Saturday morning I had somehow pooped my pants when I slept. In case you think it was from my Alli pills, no it wasn't. I can tell the difference and this wasn't grease; it was poop. I also flet sick to my stomach and ate very little on Friday.

Saturday I felt a little better and Brad and I went to church. I was able to eat more normally. We left right after church and didn't stay for lunch. I did grab one of the potluck hot dogs on the way out, though.

We stopped at a shopping mall looking for Kragen store. There wasn't one, but there was a Bev-Mo. We looked for a bottle of Jacob's Creek Riesling, which I had been unable to find in San Francisco. They didn't have it so I settled for another Riesling. We also went to Payless Shoes because I really needed two new pairs of shoes. My current two pairs were worn out. I bought one pair of walking shoes and one pair of running shoes; also, a cute purse that was on sale.

After that we went home and pay-per-viewed a Japanese-style horror flick, Shutter. We saw the unrated "TV-MA" version, which is about 5 minutes longer than the PG-13 version. We tried to guess which scenes were deleted. The film was okay. I'm not into Japanese-style horror.

We drank wine and ate popcorn while watching the movie and rested. About 9 p.m. we went to New Zealander for dinner. I behaved and had a low-carb dinner with no dessert (lamb cheese burger, no bun, and side salad), and had two more drinks.

Afterwards, the stress eating overtook me. If the restaurant had offered chocolate cake I would have ordered it. Instead, I went to McDonald's, ordered a cheeseburger Happy Meal with a small chocolate shake, and a chocolate dipped cone. I know, I was bad. At home I had two servings of cold oatmeal - a total of 1 cup of oatmeal and 2 60-calorie yogurts. Also my cottage cheese/Muscle Milk bedtime snack.

I didn't drink anymore, but I was way over my limit and taking those Chaser pills that are supposed to help prevent hangovers. When I finally fell asleep I slept for about 11 hours.

Today I felt well enough to walk from my apartment to BART; from there I took the 50 bus all the way through Alameda and back into Oakland to work. I feel a little better, but still not 100% and I have to face boss "J" tomorrow. I'm still not ready to go back to the gym. I still have more recovering to do. Today I'm eating food that's easy on my tummy - Cream of Wheat, yogurt, and cottage cheese. Also my usual raw veggies and salad.

My weight was down today from last Sunday, but I think it's dehydration from the alcohol and I feel bloated. I need to pound the water and get back on my diet to get rid of it.

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the mighty war-khan said...

I've witnessed many public meltdowns, and even caused a few, but I can hardly imagine you succumbing to such. My sympathies to you.

Sometimes wish I was one of those sea lions.


Arthur_of_Old said...

=-( Maybe I can make a diff.