Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 day weekend :)

Calories eaten yesterday: 1302
Fat: 32g (22%)
Carbs: 99g (30%)
Protein: 161g (49%)
Weight this morning: 129.8 (One week ago: 130.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 89

Strength training:

Walking with my laundry cart down to the laundromat and back (33 minutes round trip). Then I walked to the bank and back (about 15 minutes round trip).

Minor victory:
The laundromat (I kid you not!) has a donut shop inside it. They also sell drinks and carby food. If they have anything diet I'll usually get something. Well, as I buy my diet Snapple drink, the donuts looked so good. They also had donut holes and I asked to buy one. The woman tried to be nice to me and give me 3. I said no, I just wanted one. So she put back two. So I had one donut hole (about 2 bites). I figure that wouldn't hurt. 3 donut holes would be asking for trouble though. Oh, that one donut hole was soooo good.

Tomorrow I am taking a free day food-wise and going into the City to play tourist for a day. It's all the vacation I get. I'm planning a few treats, but not an all out binge. Bingeing with this thyroid issue sets me waaaay back.

Short workweek for me. I have tomorrow off to play tourist in the City. If I can go on a real vacation I can at least have fun locally. Then on Friday Brad and I are renting a paddle boat at Lake Chabot, packing some sandwiches, and peddling around the lake. Should be fun AND a workout!

We are looking at September 13 to hike the bicycle loop at the lake (12.5 miles). Church will be early that day due to a wedding. The wedding is in Sacramento and I don't fancy spending my day off in a car and at a wedding of someone I barely know. So Brad and I decided that would be a good day to do the loop. We've already done the hiking loop (8.5 miles), but we both want to challenge ourselves with the bicycle loop. :)

I'll see you all on Sunday with my weigh-in.

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