Thursday, September 04, 2008

Week 76, Day 5

Calories eaten yesterday: 1300
Fat: 30g (21%)
Carbs: 94g (29%)
Protein: 165g (51%)
Weight this morning: 130.4 (One week ago: 129)
Calories burned in exercise today: 208

Nothing much today in terms of exercise. I walked to the laundromat and back, then from my house down to the main street near BART to catch the bus. I got off the bus just outside the airport and walked the rest of the way to work. 1 hour 15 minutes total. :)

I'm supposed to give blood tomorrow. We will see if they will accept me with this thyroid condition. In case something happens I am sticking to plan until I actually donate. If I do donate I will allow myself the cookies and such on the snack area.

See you all on Sunday with my weigh-in. Even if I end up not giving blood and sticking to my diet tomorrow I will still show a gain this week because 1) my off plan days last week really messed me up and packed on the weight, and 2) I was dehydrated last Sunday morning.

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