Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Half day!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1234
Fat: 34g (24%)
Carbs: 76g (24%)
Protein: 162g (51%)
Weight this morning: xx (One week ago: 131.4)
Calories burned in exercise today: 228

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Relax and play tourist in San Francisco. I am blessed to live so close to a popular tourist destination. :)

I'm working only a half shift today, so I'm off at 7 and then will have time to get stuff prepared for tomorrow. I have to get to bed early since I need to be up about 8 a.m. and out the door no later than 9:10.

Did laundry today and got a little over an hour of walking in - to and from the laundromat, down Fruitvale to the BART station to catch a bus (to save on BART fare), and then got off the bus a little early and walked the last little bit into work. :) I'm very close to my monthly step goal and might make it tomorrow. :)

I won't be posting tomorrow, so I'll be back Sunday with my weigh-in. Since I will be off plan tomorrow I expect a gain this week.

I'll get the Flickr photos of tomorrow up as soon as I can. Photos of my last trip are in the San Francisco set, and photo of this trip will go in the same set as soon as they are edited and uploaded.

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