Monday, September 22, 2008

Personal Training, Session 2

Calories eaten yesterday: 1204
Fat: 32g (23%)
Carbs: 75g (24%)
Protein: 161g (53%)
Weight this morning: 135 (One week ago: 134.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 285

I had my personal training session today. We first met in his office and he was making out a plan for that day and I noticed we were doing 15 reps of everything. I reminded him again that he said to do 6-8 reps. He said, "Oh yeah. You want to build muscle," and sat down and fixed it. :)

We started with ab and back work on a mat. The ab exercises were a three-fer - straight leg raise, then holding hands above head and reaching for the ceiling, then doing both at once - 15 of each, no rest. I always had to rest during the third part.

We also did a back exercise he called "Cobra." It's like the Superman move except that your feet stay on the floor, your arms are out to your sides, and you move your arms back and try to squeeze your shoulder blades together.

He tried to get me to do lateral raises with a 10 lb. dumbbell, but had to help me lift it. We finally discovered the 8 lbs. was just about right for 3 sets of 6-8 reps.

We did the incline dumbbell press and we finally decided on 25 lb. weights. We also did a bent-over dumbbell row (palms out) with a straight-legged (Romanian) dumbbell lift (palms in). 10 lb. dumbbells for those.

We tried a delt exercise on the cable machine (bend over and lift arm back), but the lowest weight was 10 lb. and he had to help me. The freestanding cable machine allows you to go down to 5 lbs., but it was occupied.

This will probably be my only gym session this week. Tomorrow I am doing a mail run into the City. Hopefully I can buy a bus day pass while I'm there to use on Thursday. Then Wednesday is laundry since I can't do it Thursday, and Thursday is my (hopefully) vacation day. I'll be sure to get plenty of walking in all days.

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