Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Miscellany, & a rant...

Calories eaten yesterday: 1203
Fat: 28g (21%)
Carbs: 88g (29%)
Protein: 152g (50%)
Weight this morning: 131.8 (One week ago: 132.6)
Calories burned in exercise today: 97

Still not feeling 100%, but the Zicam does seem to be helping and I haven't had to call in sick.

I walked down near the BART station to catch the bus, but the first one passed me by. She didn't see me or even look in my direction and just drove right past. I was going to stop at Safeway, but didn't want to risk it since I had to catch the next bus. I gave Brad $5 for the salad I need. I did stop at WalMart and bought highlighters. I printed out an adrenal document, need to highlight certain sections, and my highlighter pen has disappeared.

Still working on uploading photos from last Thursday. They now run onto page 2. I got some more up this morning. Click here to see what I have up so far, and be sure to click on page 2 at the bottom.

I had a whole thing typed about money issues and then Blogger ate it. I'll see what I can remember.

Not only is boss J. mad at me about cashing in one vacation day at a time, but now the lady who administrates this stuff, L., down stairs is on my case too. I need to talk to her today and she got on my case about how it's more work for her and nobody else does this and I need to plan out my budget so i can make it between paychecks.

I am doing the best I can! I have been struggling all year. Rising gas prices mean rising bus fare and rising grocery prices. Some items have doubled over what they were, and healthy eating is not cheap. My move was a big chunk of change.

I also have thyroid disease and depression and am on three medications - Celexa, levothyroxine, and Xanax. I have to see the doctor a lot and have a lot of blood tests until we get the thyroid issue under control. All this costs money, some of it out of pocket (and then I wait for partial reimbursement), and some of it billed to me after my employer pays their part. It's not health insurance; it's health assistance, directly from my employer. I still haven't filled my latest Celexa 'script - just no money.

The lady who does the reimbursement (another L. initial) has been on jury duty so I am still waiting on my check, and waiting for bills from the doctor and the lab for their fees. After this last paycheck I bought some supplements that L. does not sell downstairs and am waiting for partial reimbursement on those, too - a special magnesium that I have only seen at GNC, and Selenium at another health food store. I also had a chiropractic appointment.

Between rent, bills, food, medications, and an endless stream of doctor's appointments and lab tests, I am drowning. I don't want to dip into my vacation time one day at a time just so I can survive, but I am living in a cold, harsh world that doesn't care what your trouble are - they want their money.

When people get on my case like this it depresses me and makes me want to binge. :(

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Arthur_of_Old said...

Peace to you who hide. Anonymous??
Brad Woodliff

Most who post, including myself when I posted under that heading signed my name.

Yes, and let them without sin cast the first stone. We each are guilty, and more than that we judge others more guilty than ourselves. I have done as you many times. Then, had to repent. Remember the Garden scenario. Let us All bring forth fruit meet for repentance as you seem to be suggesting. The fruit from the Tree of Life (Christ). I am not better than you, Victoria or any. Maybe worse and except by the grace of God I would be as the world totally. I also could be judged by you too. But, I leave that to the Lord.

So, how does Christ compel us to seek Him? Judgment and Hell are quite a compulsion! But, only by mercy through grace are we saved. We fear due to His compassion.

Have we kept the Law? Are we guiltless? He came not to call the righteous, but, sinners to repentance. We must be careful how we judge, for with the measure we judge so shall we be judged.

Now we know that all that seek to be followers of Christ wish to be righteous. But we seek to please Him and not another.

We often judge for the sin we hide.
Till, it is discovered, then we seek mercy. Confess now and repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Oh,what is it oh man that you have we need. We need not of you, but Christ. You who boast of the Law should not Christ have mercy.

Yes, you can see the others who have sin and their loss for such. But, Christ compels us not to wound with the Law. Remember the woman caught in adultery. He asks that we be as Him. What is your sin? Confess one as you judge one. Keep the scales balanced.I have to confess pride, I have that one and the Lord hates it. That is where anger, malice, backbiting etc. comes from. PRIDE>But, He shall bring pride down to the pit. Lord have mercy on all here and teach us mercy and righteousness.

We don't excuse sin, neither do we come to condemn. But, that they to whom we are sent might be saved.

It is not that which enters a man that defiles, it is what come from the within. That is what defiles. You need also remember Cain. He judged himself right too. But, he was a murderer.

By the Law of the Pharisees Christ was not up to their standards. He was doing wrong by their teachings.

Now, what does Christ Say in this: What was His teaching of that Samaritan woman? John 4.

If you judge and pass out sentence, remember first how you would be under the same sentence. For there are yet things in your life that need to have Christ and that abundantly. This, as you might be well aware, is my own thought for myself. As I speak, the Lord asks, and you Brad, are you following me??? So, now we come to the point, are we following, or shall we take that example above and throttle the ones we see as not up to our par.

Peace to You and Your House,

We know that whoever is of Christ does not dwell in sin.