Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another bad weekend - no weigh-in

Calories burned in exercise today: 350

No weigh-in again, though I did peak at the scale today and it looks like I have gained a few pounds from my last weigh-in. :( I will do better next week! The banquet yesterday really threw me for a loop.

Friday I was busy! I did the laundry, then went grocery shopping. I came home, took out the trash, and did a complete litter box change for the cats. Meanwhile, Brad had dropped off the Bed, Bath, and Beyond box with the table and chairs in it. I unpacked the box, and took out the trash and recycling that resulted from it.

I ate horribly Saturday. The banquet was a carb and sugar-fest. I ate two of the appetizer salads, and the main course was so small that I had to fill up on rolls. I must have had five, with butter. I was SO hungry. :( Dessert was cheesecake and of course I gave in. One lady at our table didn't eat hers so when the whole thing was over I ate it. Probably 1000 calories worth of cheesecake. :(

When we got home from the banquet Brad put together the table and chairs I ordered from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, then we went to BB&B because I had a 20% off coupon that I could apply to this recent purchase - I got about $20 refunded to my credit card. :)

We ate dinner at the new table - low-carb (wheat gluten) pancakes and plantains. I know it's breakfast food but who cares. :) We finished up with the chocolate puddling made of plain yogurt and chocolate Muscle Milk Light. Yummy and not too sweet. :)

Of course I also pigged out right before bed. :(

Today Brad and I walked to work again - a more direct route this time. Down Fruitvale to International and then along International to 73rd. We turned down 73rd, went through the BART station, and walked down Hegenberger to work.

We stopped at Starbucks on the way. Brad had a breve latte and a chocolate croissant. I was tired and didn't want coffee so I got a double espresso. That didn't wake me up so I had another double. Then we went over to WalMart where we found a cheap TV tray that should work well as a bedside table. I still had my credit card with me from the refund yesterday so I used that to buy it. I also bought a plastic folder to hold my magazine since it can get really mauled in my backpack. Hopefully it will work.

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