Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally weighed myself!

Calories eaten yesterday: 1183
Fat: 23g (18%)
Carbs: 83g (29%)
Protein: 153g (53%)
Calories burned in exercise today: 228

Brad & I at the Family Radio banquetHere's a photo of Brad and I at the banquet last Saturday. I meant to include this in yesterday's post but forgot. Click it for a larger photo. The quality isn't as great as I would like. It's a scan from a hard copy.

After a week of eating low-carb I am back at that craving point again. I've burned through my liver glycogen that got stocked up on Saturday. Most people burn through it in two days and get horrible cravings on day three. With my slow metabolism it takes me four day to burn through it so on day five I get the carb cravings.

There's no guarantee that I won't give in, but I've made it this far today. I do have a reality check to touch base on and that is that I weighed myself this morning! I was 131. I have seen better this late in the week, but I'll take it. Giving into the carb cravings would cause my weight to spike, but all I want right now is a big bag of tortilla chips or some peanut butter sandwiches. I'm craving starches, not sugars.

I'm getting my blood tests tomorrow - full thyroid, full iron, and full hormone. I'm setting the $400 Dad gave me aside to help pay for them. Even with the discount through my employer it is going to cost a bundle. Results will be mailed to me in 2-3 weeks.

Brad is supposed to get his car back from the shop tomorrow! Yippee!

Today's payday so I paid my rent and mail it off, paid a couple of bills, and made a good dent in my Discover card - got the table portion paid off at least. I need to save some money out to pay H&R Block or I'd pay off more bills. I have 12 hours of overtime on this check and I need every penny of it, plus money for the chiropractor and groceries. With dinner and drinks this Saturday what I have left won't cover it and I will likely have to cash Dad's check and dip into that for the tax prep.

Weekend plans:
Friday -
blood tests
grocery shopping

Saturday -
dinner at Geraldo's for burritos because it's a pay week (including tortilla chips!)
Mochatinis at Applebee's because it's a pay week

Hopefully I will have the courage to weigh-in this week!

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