Monday, May 23, 2005

Cruise Blues, take 3

And we're back to stressing again. Dad called me and said to call Princess Cruises and take to a specific person and ask them if I had enough documentation. They had no clue who the person was, so I told the lady who answered what was going on. She was gone a long while getting an answer and then told me to call the US Immagration and Naturalization service. They told me it might not be enough, so no promises of getting on the ship. I did so and they told me to go to the Website for US Customs and Border Protection. A Website! No phone number. On the Website I was able to get the phone number. They were closed. So I can't do anything but worry until tomorrow. And pray like hell. I am so not amused.

And I feel icky. I have a sore throat, runny nose, and have been sneezing like crazy. Looks like I caught a cold from all the stress.

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