Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Up about a pound and a half today, but I expected that. I lose water weight from my period and then gain most of it back. Tomorrow will be my last workout before the race so I'm thinking I should do the treadmill. Today I did 30 minutes on the stairmaster. I was dripping sweat all over the floor.

Once again my pants are looser and my weight is up. I can't wait for my pants to seem tighter again because my weight is always down then! I'll be into those goal size 8s very soon!

I have zippo in my checking account, but I had $27 in cash and used it to buy basics that I'm about to run out of - bread, lunchmeat, cheese, and wine. Yes, I do consider wine a basic, lol! I also bought no carb salad dressing and a sugar free energy drink. I think these sugar free ones are best - there's no blood sugar crash after the sugar rush.

I'll be binging this Saturday before the race. That means I can eat anything I want at the lunch potluck, and for dinner I'm thinking I'll order out PIZZA. Lots of carbs in regular pizza. I still have to buy Gatoraid to take to the race with me. Best hydrating stuff for massive physical activity.

Wish me luck that day and that I can run for a long ways before I have to slow to a walk.

I obviously won't be weighing myself for a couple days after the race - carbs make me retain water. I'm usually sore for three days afterward anyway, so I can't imagine that I'd even be thinking about the gym until at least Wednesday.

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