Sunday, May 08, 2005

Well, I did only so-so today because it's Sabbath. I started the day with coffee with flavored creamer, 4 low carb cookies, several ounces of berries, and some cheese. For snack I had several small handfuls of peanuts and just a few cheese crackers.

Lunch was Jane's salad, a small piece of fake chicken, peas and carrots, and a bunch of Keto fake sweet potatoes (my offering). Unsweetened iced tea to drink with a packet of Splenda. While everyone else munched on small packets of candy during the DNA class, I had a low carb candy bar.

At home I had a ham and cheese sandwich on low carb bread and sipped a couple glasses of wine over the course of the evening.

I took down the recycling, rinsed out the fishtank (2 gallons with just one fish), and prepared tomorrow's lunch for work - Dreamfield's pasta, chicken, veggies, and some Alfredo sauce. Also a ham and cheese sandwich (low carb bread), yogurt, and strawberries.

Before bed I had some low carb/low fat ice cream, and after this something else I don't recall at the moment.)

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