Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Cruise Blues, take 4

Even though I'm sick, I went to the passport office this morning and applied for an emergency passport. They said to come back Thursday after 11 a.m. The process was very easy - too easy.

I'm worried because she wrote down the expiration of my old expired ID card. I'm worried they'll deny my application because I don't have a current valid ID. She had no interest in my DMV receipt that says I applied for a new one. If they deny me I will be out of luck. Old Navy refused to exchange - not refund, EXCHANGE - a pair of jeans because I had no recepit and no current ID. Could the government be any better? Somehow I think they will be worse.

I called U.S. Customs and Border Patrol and they said I could get on the boat; I just might not be able to get into Canada. Somehow, I don't believe it.

At any rate, I'm home sick (have tomorrow off, too), and very worried. Please pray for this situation with me. This is a once on a lifetime chance. I don't want to miss it because some idiot steals my ID.

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Brad said...

You'll make it, hang in there =-)

The Cruise which I hope you make..will really be a joy. If not, =-( there is still a plan for you....never fails...Never. B=-)