Friday, May 20, 2005

Cruise Blues

The cruise is so shaky right now. Princess Cruises says I have to have a state issued ID card. Mine was stolen. I do have a photocopy of that card that 24 Hour Fitness made when I joined. They use the photocopy of it to identify me. I also have a school issued ID with my name and photo, and a certified birth certificate, and a receipt from the DVM saying that I applied for a new card.

They are still telling me it's not good enough for Princess. I bet it will be enough for the airlines. So now we are exploring getting an emergency passport. I had the photos taken today. I'll keep you all updated on what happens and whether the trip happens. Please pray for me.

Everything is so messed up now!

My first reaction was to want to binge on carbs. Somehow I held that off and decided that even with this bad news, I was going to the gym anyway. I was wearing lighter clothes than usual, but I was so happy to keep moving that small slider further and futher left and hit a new low - 151.75!

That motivated me to stick to my diet, and at the gym I did an hour on the cross training eliptical thingy. Then I did some sit-ups, and then jumped in the whirlpool. Finally I showered at the gym before heading home. I had dinner and am now working on my food journal.

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Brad said...

Great job Victoria!!=-)...stayed with it when in a crunch..New low too. You may reach 140 after all!! B...