Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Well, tomorrow I go back to the gym for the first time since the race. I know I'm going to weigh more. Bleh. I try so hard to lose weight. I hate seeing the scale climb and climb, but it always does.

I worked a half day Monday and Tuesday, and today is my first full shift since the race. I tried to get my ID card replaced on Monday, but surprize! that was the one Monday a month they are closed. Lucky me. So I had to go back again on Tuesday. A new ID card is now in the works.

At least I got my BART and bus tickets replaced Monday, and cashed a check from my Dad as well as my federal refund check, which I used to buy groceries. Tuesday I stopped at the store on my way home from the DMV and bought a bunch of different kinds of cat food. I had some coupons I wanted to use, and I saw a bag on Purina Indoor Formula which they love and I like to buy as a treat. I fed them the Whiskas last night and discovered they really like it. The ingredients are pretty horrible (corn meal is the first ingredient), but the cats love the taste. I try to give my babies mostly Eukanuba because I think it's the highest quality food on the market. Their coats seem softer when they are on it. However, I think they also like variety, so I feed them other foods sometimes.

I hope I can fly come next week. I managed (and it was a true miracle I found it) to find an old college ID card from 10 years ago that has my name and picture. I hope that the college ID along with the receipt from the DMV will get me through security. I can't find the spare ID I used last year, which was an expired California ID. I looked everywhere I could think to in my closet, but came up empty. I will not lose the college ID, too!

My pictures from the race are on Sport Photo, but will only be up for a limited time. To view them go here and enter bib number 4789.

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