Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cruise Blues, take 5

Went into San Francisco today to pick up my passport. I've been praying so hard and so much the last couple of days.

They had my passport ready!

Not only that, but when I checked my P.O. Box, my new Visa check card was there, along with my new California ID, and an extra surprize - someone found my ID at Bay To Breakers and sent it back to me! I'm drowning in ID, lol! God has a sense of humor.

Back at work today, though still sick. It's my last day of work before vacation so I needed to come in and clean up some stuff before I go.

Anyway, the trip is a go! Yea!!!!!!!!! (c:

1 comment:

Brad said...

Oh Lord Bless the trip and keep all safe.
May she be a light and stand firm in her faith and path and keep her heart on You who loves her always. Even when troubles or trial and temptations assail. You by the CROSS of mercy,peace and grace prevail.=-)