Sunday, May 15, 2005


Ok, I have good news and bad news about the race I ran today. Which would you like first? Ok, the bad news it is then.

I had my ID card (I don't have a driver's liscense), my credit card (already cancelled it), and my bus and BART passes either lost or (more likely) stolen. I'm mostly upset about the BART pass. There was $55 of train fare on it. I'm soooo not happy about this.

Now for the good news.

I made my goals! I ran all the way to the bottom of the Hayes Street Hill - just over 2 miles in - before slowing to a walk. My other goal was to beat my previous time of about 1:37 to finish and I did come in at about 1:37:05. Well, my actual time. My real time was much more because it took me 10 minutes to get across the start line. Whoever was planning this event did it rotten.

At any rate, I made both my goals. I think I ran MOST of the 7.5 miles (12k). :) Don't know how I can improve on that.

The carb loading yesterday (and carbohydrate gel packs today) REALLY helped. I could feel a big difference over last year. I had sooo much energy. I binged on pizza yesterday. This morning I had a slice of leftover pizza for breakfast with my coffee. I took some off brand Gatorade to the race with me for the carbs, then had a carb gel pack a 1/2 hour before the race, like the pack said to do. I had the second one around mile 3. I could have used a third, lol.

At Footstock a dairy was giving away single servings of chocolate milk, so I had that. Then I got my t-shirt and headed to a bus to start home.

So I'm upset about the lost passes that were worth so much. A new ID card will cost $20. But I am pleased about how well I did. I didn't think I had it in me. :-)

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Brad said...

Awesome !! Congratulations..

Sorry about the ID, Credit Card and ID.
Glad we could get you time to get it replaced. See Ya,B