Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Narnia Quiz, take 2

Our dear sweet Brian at CHR said the following. It was too good not to share and shows that I'm more like Edmund than I might think:

From: Pendell1 4:12 am
To: Stumbling To Bethlehem (Newbirth) (9 of 16)

Hmm .. Edmund bound himself to an evil goddess and from her partook of forbidden things that his friends never did.

Later, he repented, and She demanded his life of him. He was saved because Aslan sacrificed himself to save him, releasing him from his bondage to Her.

He later proved instrumental in Her defeat at the battle of the Fords of Bruinen, because he had the sense to smash her WAND, taking away her ability to turn people into stone, although he was grievously wounded in the process. He grew up to become a grave and thoughtful man, made deeper by his repentence then before.

Of course this bears no resemblence to you at all :).

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